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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Lessons from Kids' Toys

My great-grandsons have lots of toys, many of which are kept in our home. Our living room is about 20' X 24', and they will normally take all of their toys out and have a blast, in the living room. And even at that, we can still use the room normally without their interrupting whatever we want to do.

One of those toys is a little battery-powered train locomotive, which clips into an endless track. When you hit the switch, it runs all over the track.

And causes it to roll and flop around, in a wide area.

The problem is that sometimes it causes the track to go where it's not supposed to, and in a manner unintended.

Here's what I mean:

Where it starts, this time on our back porch  .... ...

And where it frequently ends up ....

Among other things, the little locomotive caused the whole thing to flop over on it side, and then flop clear over underneath a chair. Not the way it was designed to operate, and not going where it was supposed to end up.

Hmmm ....

That all got me to wondering if the principle behind this might apply to other things we have seen. Could it be that a strong leader can eventually cause a well-designed entity to flop over on its side ... as it were ... and end up where it wasn't meant to be?

I think ... maybe ...