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Monday, February 25, 2019

Sniff ... Sniff ...

We've all heard it a thousand times: "Stop and smell the roses.." Well, I decided to do just that, this morning.

Now, I'm not referring to the kinds of spiritual events one might hurry to include. Rather, I decided to simply look around and see all the things around me that remind me of how terrific life really is (despite arthritis and all my other niggling ailments....).

Just from what I could see, sitting in our living room!

See the painting on the fireplace wall? It's a print of an Eagle painting done by a friend, Mrs. Linda Kimbrough. I'd spent a few years working with her husband, Tom, and I'd mentioned somewhere that my Dad loved the American Bald Eagle. Dad was a real American patriot, even to being quite angry when JFK was assassinated, even though he had absolutely no use whatsoever for him as a President. He simply would not tolerate the assassination's insult to our nation.

When Mom and Dad died, I inherited the painting, and there's absolutely nowhere else I'd rather it be displayed, than right there.

Sniff ... sniff ....

There are a lot of pictures on the mantel. They show much of our family ... sons, grandsons, their families, etc. And those folks were all in our dining room, right behind the spot from which I took the picture, yesterday, for lunch! It's a family tradition, and we get to spend an afternoon with all our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, every week!

Sniff ... sniff ...

You might notice the "recesses" on either side of the fireplace itself. They're full of greenery, one of which is a vine that Brad, our younger son, bought for us maybe 25 years ago, when he was working at K-Mart.

You might also note the shelf unit on the far side, full of model cars. Most of them were bought for me by our younger son Brad, as he traveled all over the country, tending to banks and their computer programs. Our older son, Brian, bought one of them, and I bought 4 or 5 myself (going-out-of- business sale at Sharper Image here in Birmingham).  The store manager was Brad's wife, Connie!

Also on that top shelf is a yellow model Fire Truck, bought at a BP station, while en route to a wedding in Louisiana. The brother of an internet friend, from India, was marrying a young lady from Louisiana, and he brought his sister over here for the wedding. So we drove there as we were invited, too, and brought her back here for a few days' visit. And it was terrific visiting with someone from another culture ... a very different one, at that. I learned a lot!

Sniff ... sniff ...

At the very bottom is a little red bench I made for the GGkids to sit on while they play with their toys. I made 3 ... Alabama, Auburn, and Braves ... out of leftover lumber from my Dad's Wurlitzer Home Theater Horseshoe Organ. We inherited it when the folks died, it had stopped working and wasn't worth repairing (a $150 keyboard will do more than it did ... ), So I dismantled it, after efforts to sell it. Or give it away. And my craftsmanship worked ... the GGkids use those little benches all the time!

Also in the photo is a little "Kiddies' Kitchen". We'd bought it 30+ yeas ago, for our Grandkids to play with. And that brings back more neat memories.

There's more ... a roomful of furniture ... the room itself ... that fireplace wall ... our home itself.

Sniff ... sniff ...

But then: I am forced back into the Spiritual. And I ask "Why me?" We hear that asked mostly when something bad happens to us; Seldom when some blessing comes our way. In this case, I know how unworthy I am to have all this stuff, to remind me daily, hourly, constantly , of God's love for me.

Sniff ... sniff ...



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