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Friday, December 21, 2018

It's All About The Light

I took this picture while sitting at our Breakfast Table a couple of days ago. Hey, it's winter, I had surgery a couple weeks ago, and I'm not up to much beyond squeezing a shutter release button.

I snapped the pic because I'd noticed something I'd seen thousands of time before (We've lived here nearly 36 years). Namely, that the branches are really twisted and seemingly misshapen.

Naturally, my next step was to Google "Why are tree branches crooked?". The answer I found, which is what I thought it'd be, was interesting.

Before Bill Humphreys launched our subdivision, it was really heavily wooded. There were 50+ trees in the lot across the street which were knocked down some years after we moved here. And we lost dozens of trees off our lot, as well.

Tornadoes are a bad deal. Trust me.

In any event, the limbs seem, at once, beautiful, strange, and ugly. Until I understood that they were simply following the light, many years ago, as they grew. Then, they made sense. And, after all these years, and storms, they are still there, just as they grew all those years ago.

At that point of realization, my thoughts turned to The Spiritual. And shortly to two different aspects of that.

The first is, God's word is a lamp unto our feet. God lights the way for us, if we will only follow that light! As He is the inventor of the universe and directly or indirectly all that is in the universe, common sense would seem to dictate that He knows best how we should live. And since God loves us ... and I am unsure that any of us fully understand the depth of that love ... then common sense also dictates that He wants us to live a life of real fulfillment.

Then the other aspect hit me. Jesus said He is the light of the world, and He wants to so inhabit our life that His light will show through us. Try to wrap your mind and your heart around that!

Imagine the President called you one day .... if you don't like him, then pick someone you do like .... and ask to run an errand for him. He had a check for $100,000,000 for Puerto Rico (or perhaps the Gulf Coast Cities hit by the hurricane) and he wants you to deliver it. So he sends the Air Force One 747 to pick you up, fly you to the recipients' location, and present the check.

You fly there and there's the Governor of Puerto Rico, or perhaps Florida & Alabama, and you step out onto a platform and present the funds, amid crowds cheering, Brass Bands playing, and the Press snapping your pictures. If you're at all like me, you'd be happy to run that errand, and feel honored to do so.

Even though it wasn't your idea or your money!

If that strikes any sort of chord with you, just imagine that it was God, rather than a politician, who made that call to you. Who asked you to run an errand for Him. To represent Him personally in something He wanted done. What a privilege that would be!

Make that "What a privilege that is!"

Our lives are about following the light God gives us. And following the Light that is Jesus. Chances are good that our lives may seem twisted, to the world ... see Jim Elliot for details ... but that really shouldn't matter to us. What matters is that our lives look straight to The Light.

The One Who made the world.

And lives in us.


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