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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

A Bigger Problem Than We Think....

There's so much attention being paid to evangelism these days that I think we're missing a big point.

For one thing, why would we want to get more people into our churches to become faux disciples who won't even talk of their faith except in church? Wouldn't we be better off making real disciples of the millions God already sent us, to make disciples? And if God sent them to us, for us to make disciples, why would He send us more if we haven't done the job with the ones He already sent us?

That's one thing that seems ... in my sight ... to have been conspicuously absent from all the discussions so far. Namely:

What is God up to, with what's been happening in and to the SBC?

Could it be that He has noted the production of millions of Christians who don't know enough about our faith to initiate a discussion about our faith, with someone else we don't believe to be a Christian? And could it be that He is now cleaning up the bride for that Wedding Ceremony-to-end-all-wedding-ceremonies?

I think that's the case.

I've taken to asking a couple of questions, of people. One is asking them to describe how they met their spouse. Folks are perfectly willing to do so, even though they don't tell me everything they recall ... what color shoes, etc ... they had on at the time. The other question is to describe their homes. Again, perfectly willing to do that, even though they may not know everything there is to know.

When challenged about his faith, by the Sadducees, Peter said "... we cannot help speak of what we have seen and heard". And that seems to be what's missing among SBC churches ... people simply willing to speak of what they have seen and heard.

Some folks out there, such as Bart Barber on Facebook, have begun asking why the current condition ... a reluctance to initiate a "gospel conversation" ... is prevalent today amongst SBC churches.

A lot of things make sense ... reluctance to start such a conversation for fear we don't know enough ... misunderstanding of what it means to give a witness ... the thought, with all the "plans" we teach ... that there's more we should know, etc ... if we simply assume that truth of what, IMHO has brought the SBC to the recently-mentioned, but long-true conditions is behind what's happening now:

The failure to make disciples


At 4:08 PM, September 09, 2018, Blogger Aussie John said...


So good to see that fact being recognised by someone. The truth of the matter is no less a problem in my country, bums on seats rather than disciples who make disciples.

Only disciples make disciples!!


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