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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Good Enough To.... give away.

Those are a couple of side tables that my Mom and Dad had, when they lived in their Condo in Florida. They may have accompanied them in the 2 prior homes in Florida and maybe even in Pennsylvania before their retirement.

Although they were well taken-care of for all those years, they were approaching a half century old. Hence, time to refurbish.

Trouble is, we don't really have a place for them any more, primarily owing to our getting some new furniture over the past few years. Nonetheless, I forged ahead and started a round of sanding and spraying on new paint.

Now, the tops were Formica, so we had to get some special primer so the new paint would adhere to the tops. God bless Peg ... who has turned into a real computer/internet whiz ... she found us some at one of the big stores that carry enough stuff to plan, build, finish, and tear down your house. Which is where we bought it.

The job was fraught with all sort of little wrinkles, but one day I'd finished the tops with a brownish-gray hammered finish,  and the sides with the gloss black. Peg pointed out a couple of drips and runs on the sides, and I responded nobody would really ever see them, and besides, I didn't even know where we would put them. She said that others would as we would probably not keep them.

Seems our granddaughter had seen them when they were in our ground floor apartment, and mentioned if we ever got rid of them, she'd like to have one ... for her office at church.

She's as Assistant to our Youth Minister there. And it seems someone else had expressed an interest in perhaps taking one of them.

Well now. They were going to someone else, and now ... suddenly ... I am more concerned how well finished they are.

I have to wonder if I am always mindful that what I do in the Kingdom work is not for me. And it's not for the folks I am teaching or ministering to ... it's being done for Jesus. After all, the absolute best work anybody ever did, anywhere, any time, was done at Calvary ... by Him ... and for us.

Shouldn't our work for Him be our very best? After all, His was, for us, 2000 years ago.

Monday, July 09, 2018

How Many ..

.. nails are there in your house? How many shingle tabs on your roof? How many cubic feet of insulation in your attic?

I'd guess you don't know. I don't know those things about my house, either, and I likely know more about my home than most folks do about theirs. And it's OK  that I don't.

There is such a plethora of witnessing "plans" floating around ..... so many books have been written inviting you to read them .. so you can witness without fear ... that folks may be under the impression that there's something else they need to know before they can witness properly. And that thought is simply wrong. The thought that there is anything to fear in witnessing for Jesus.

The one part of your salvation experience that no one can argue with is what actually happened to you. Joseph Garlington, IMHO, spoke well when he said "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument." As long as it passes the test of Scripture ... hey, we don't always get it right, you know ... then you know what God has done in your life! 

In my case, I know what happened when I was 11. When my dad reminded me of what I had learned in VBS ... that if you believe in Jesus, you go to Heaven when you die ... and I care not how many atheists line up to tell me otherwise, it would not change one bit of what happened to me then.

Or the miraculous things God has done in my life, since then.

When we're talking about witnessing about our faith, in church or Sunday School, I'll frequently ask folks to describe their homes. We'll usually hear about square feet, bedrooms and baths, siding, garages, all the usual things. After that, I'll ask about nails, shingles, furnace BTU's, feet of piping in the plumbing system .... stuff like that. Folks normally say they don't know ... my usual response is that I don't know that stuff about my house either, and it doesn't bother me that I don't.

My big point comes last: that I would never let what I don't know keep me from telling what I do know! Just like they didn't let what they didn't know about their houses  keep them from telling us what they did know.

Why would we let that happen, with reference to telling others about our faith, when what we do know  ... what has happened in our own lives ... is the part others cannot really dispute!

Especially when the things we do in the Kingdom work are the only things we will still have, when we get to Heaven?