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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Few Thoughts About SWBTS and Dr. Patterson

If you're not familiar with all the newsworthy events that happened recently, concerning Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and its leader, Dr. Paige Patterson, I'd recommend Googling it. It's quite extensive.

In brief, the Seminary's Board of Trustees voted, in a meeting yesterday, to remove him as President and name him President Emeritus.

Now: There are many of us who would like to have seen something more drastic, but a couple of points come immediately to mind:

  1. His role in the Conservative Resurgence was/is unmistakable. Without Dr. Patterson and Judge Pressler, it'd likely not have taken place. Some might argue is was a militaristic reaction to a Spiritual problem, but still ...
  2. The Conservative Resurgence was a good thing for the SBC.
  3. The charges against him are real (from what I read), and certainly warranted action by the Trustees.
  4. Man's nature may well lead people to desire Dr. Patterson to have been disgraced and simply thrown out. But I dislike that natural leaning.
  5. God was in control all along. Last week's sermon at FBCP had many points about God's sovereignty. Why we'd think SWBTS was out of God's control, during the "Patterson Era", is beyond explanation.
  6. Psalm 37:4 states that, if we will take our delight in the Lord, He will feed our desire ... the ones He wants us to have ... to our hearts.  
  7. God said vengeance was (exclusively) His, and that He will repay. It is NOT our job!
  8. Jesus shut off all the shame and dishonor, in the case of the woman caught in adultery.
The Trustees of SWBTS have addressed and resolved the problem at SWBTS.

Let us rejoice in that, in God's promise to handle such things, and in the fact that He did just that.

Yesterday, at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


At 4:50 PM, June 02, 2018, Blogger Aussie John said...


You are so right: "God was in control all along."


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