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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Think I Learned Something....

... something important today. And at 79, nearly 80, that's not a common occurrence. Here's what happened:

I climbed the stairs from our garage to the house. 14 of them.

I'd gone downstairs to show the plumber where some stuff was that needed fixin'. And, after, I climbed the 14 stairs up to the "main level" so we could have lunch.

Now, what really surprised me was that I didn't remember climbing them. I chalked that up to my lousy memory, but with the aforementioned age, and arthritis in my hips, back and shoulders, stairs are normally my local personal torture chamber. So I got to wondering why they weren't, about noon today. And .... TADA .... I figured it out!

I wasn't focusing on the stairs! I was thinking of the plumber and the valves and pipes and things! So the climbing was no bother at all!

And THAT got me to thinking about other things. How about ...

  • Giving your personal testimony before others. If you're thinking about speaking in public, you're focusing on the wrong thing! 
  • Going on a mission trip. If you're concerned about heat, dust, witnessing, strange food, or any of the other things with which you're not familiar, you're focusing on the wrong thing!
  • Ministering to others. If you're wondering whether you can help, whether God has equipped you, if your experiences can help the other person, you're focusing on the wrong thing!

I'm sure you can think of some other things, too. But if you're wondering about those things I mentioned above, then you're not thinking about what God can do with what we say and do .... polished and eloquent or not. God says neither the planter nor the waterer produces any results at all. The increase comes exclusively from Him. After all, He started with nothing at all and produced the universe, so when you focus on Him and on what He can do with what you do, then those things you dread may just become like those stairs I climbed today. You won't think of what you are doing, just the outcome.

Just look at Moses. When he stood before the burning bush ... the one burning with the fire of God, which never burns out ... he raised objections to God's planned use of him ... Moses. Well, when God answered his objections, Moses finally asked who God was. Turned his focus from himself to God! After that, Moses became the great leader he was. That God knew about all along.

I recall a girl in Michigan that I used to chat with, some years ago, on the old Prodigy network. She found me on my blog, perhaps 15 years later, and told me that I'd kept her alive by chatting with her! She been suicidal, but I didn't know it.

So be on the lookout for things God puts in your path, even when they might be uncomfortable for you. He may just want to take those ashes and hand you some beauty.

Wouldn't that be just like God?


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