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Friday, March 30, 2018

Warning Lights

Our car ... a 2015 Ford Fusion ... is a marvelous machine. It has automatic lights, automatic wipers .. yes, they turn on and off automatically ... ditto for the headlights, which also dim themselves when approaching other cars from either direction ... a lane keeping system that turns the wheel a tad when I'm too close to the lane marking stripes ... and a bunch of other things. Such as the photos over there show.

The top one shows the Remote Key Battery needs to be replaced. Something about losing power. Would make it tough to get in. To start up.

The bottom one says the windshield washer fluid is low. That might well make it hard to know where to go .. which way to turn .. in event of storms, dirt, and things of the sort.

These days, in Alabama, POLLEN.

This got me to thinking: Wouldn't it be nice if God would give us "Warning Lights" for our walk of faith?

Oh. Wait. Maybe He does.

A few come to mind:

WORRY: It's really natural to worry about things .. mostly the future and what might happen. That seems, to me, to be a reflection of the degree we trust God. The less the trust, the more the worry. And vice-versa.

ANGER: A lot of the principles above would apply here also, plus God tells us to put away all anger, malice and guile from us. Seems to me He would have said that if He knew we will struggle with anger. And the principle here is that, if God tells us to do something, it must be within our ability to do so. And maybe He knew that we would want to be angry at times, and that anger would be bad for us. This one is near and dear to me, as I decided over 50 years ago that I would never get angry again.

As if confirmation from a "professional" was needed, the Shelby County Mental Health Officer told me many years ago, that if everybody had my attitude, he'd be out of a job...

LOSS OF INTEREST IN CHURCH: You know what I mean here ... if going to church to worship God isn't important to us, we're ignoring some things God tells us are important. Worshiping Him ... which is really what God gets out of our services, anyway ... and our praise, which He both deserves and enjoys.

There are other things, too, and I'm sure you can think of some.

Jesus said He came so we might have an abundant life. And the original word ... "ZOEY" describes a wonderful, terrific life as respects God and our fellow man. And that we might have that sort of life more abundantly! So perhaps when we don't pursue that at every opportunity, we're simply settling for less than Jesus came and died and rose, to bring us. And, at that, when we settle for less than what's available to us, we generally get less than what we settled for.

If we're not hungry to do the things necessary for that, perhaps that's another warning light....

Anyone ever buy a present for a child or grandchild, that the kid didn't really want? That he or she just kind of ignored? That'd be really disappointing, and just imagine Jesus thoughts when we're not really interested in what He came and died to provide for us.

Personally, I want all the zoey I can get.

I really, really don't want to disappoint the One Who was in a tomb 2018 years ago today, but wasn't, 2018 years ago the day after tomorrow.