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Friday, February 23, 2018


Many years ago, a virtual friend ... via the old Prodigy Network ... said she'd lost her brother and her husband in the then-past December. I suggested that I ought to write a poem about that, and she responded she'd really like to have a poem about her brother.

Although she lived in Canada, she'd been raised in Orlando. She said her brother used to wake her up at daybreak and they'd sneak out of the house to a lake, about a block away. Sitting there and watching the sunrise, he'd show her all the little animals waking up, birds feeding their babies, etc. She said she'd like, just one more time, to sit with him there and watch daybreak.

That prompted the following, which I wrote and sent to her. In that poem, the phrase "... as I try once more, in the first day of forevermore....." appeared on my screen as I was typing. It fascinated me when I wrote it, and I couldn't rest until I had written a poem about that day ....

It follows.


The first day of forevermore
Is a day of peace, a day of war
As I seek God's will where'er I go
To tell those near the things I know
That God is good; his love is near
To those who seek, to those who'd hear
The voice of God through folks redeemed
When hope was gone for them, it seemed
And hoping that they move from there
To places bright, to places fair
Where God is close and love is strong
And people filled with love lifelong.
Though sadly, though, I must admit
For some in need will surely quit
Before they cross that chasm wide
And find they're on the other side.
Where once they dwelt alive, unknowing
Though they denied it, they were going
To hell to spend those years  ... Forever
Where fires burn and they will never
Once again know love that's real
And never have a chance to steal
A soul from hell... Not theirs nor others
And bring unto the Lord their brothers
And their sisters in the spirit.
For rest assured the Lord would hear it
Should we tell them and they answer
Forever losing satan's cancer
Of unbelief and scorn and pain....
So much to lose, so much to gain
But once again I gain my wits
And once again my soul admits
That I can save no one from hell
That love, for me, is but to tell
Of one who sees me through this life
Its beauty, love; its pain and strife
And walks with me through every door
'Til the last day of forevermore.