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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

You Got It. So USE it!

Even a casual reading of 1 Corinthians 12 reveals we are all gifted by the Holy Spirit ... in fact the entirety of The Trinity are involved in gifting ... and we are to manifest those gifts in the Lord's service here. But try this some time: count the adult attendance at your church ... then count the number of folks actually involved in the church's mission within, and in the community every week.

And do the math.

If your church is typical, the result is nowhere near 100%, which is what it ought to be.

The picture over there is the local YMCA, here in Pelham. It's about 1 minute from the entrance to our subdivision, and it's also the place at which the train of thought that follows, pulled into my station.

Here's the deal: for some years, I have been a member of what's called "Silver Sneakers". That's an organization which arranges for its members to have access to certain exercise facilities. The local YMCA is one of them.

So, for some years, I've been able to walk into our local Y and exercise, using any of their facilities that aren't marked "Female".  Or "Utility Closet", etc. The only drawback is I actually have to go there and do that.

Which is what I haven't done.

Now yesterday: Peg and I were in our cardiologist's office for a 6 month checkup, and to follow up on echocardiograms we both had a few weeks ago. They were fine, but the neat part was about something else.

He asked us if we walked much. I told him no, I didn't because the arthritis in my back brings big pain after I walk perhaps 25 or 30 steps. He said I was a member of Silver Sneakers ... it's automatic with Blue Cross/Blue Shield's Medicare Supplement ... and suggested I go to the Y and try something.

Namely, getting in the indoor swimming pool, which varies from 4 feet to 5 feet in depth, and just walk. He said being in the pool would take the weight off my back and get that exercise for my joints without the pain. So I tried that, today.

Man, oh man .... does it EVER work!

I spent about 15 minutes in the pool, and then sat in the Sauna for 5 or 10 minutes, and then dried off, changed clothes and came home. And walking has been easier, by a lot, than it was before the visit. So I'm planning on going 5 days a week.

Oh yes ... they have a therapeutic exercise class in their Therapy pool, which is heated, and I would never have known that unless I actually went there.

So I had this thing .. Silver Sneakers membership ... for years, and I never used it.

I have to wonder how many of our church folks are going through the same thing in their Spiritual life. They have a Spiritual Gift, designed for them by God and delivered by the Holy Ghost, and they don't use it. They either don't know, or are ignoring, the fact that God gives gifts to His people not to just have, but rather to use in His Kingdom work.

All have them, some use them, and some don't. In light of the fact that acting in one's area of giftedness is actually how we "Lay up treasures in Heaven", we really need to be on the right side of that equation.

That's for certain where I want to be....


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