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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

THE LIGHT SOURCE: It's all-important.

The picture over there features our kitchen wallpaper. It's been there ever since we bought the house, in 1983. Oh, we'd have replaced it long ago, when it started showing wear and tear, but we haven't found any we like nearly as well as our third-of-a-century-old stuff.

Funny thing is, it still looks just fine. When we have the normal lights on, that is. The exception is early in the mornings, when the sun comes in at a really low angle, like this morning. Shine the light on the wallpaper from that low an angle, and every little imperfection shows up.

If you'll notice, there are some indentations, caused by chair backs hitting the wall as people scooted back from the table. That used to be a little upsetting ... at least until God pointed out that people enjoying our company and our table was a whole lot more important than the condition of our wallcoverings.

There are also some faint vertical lines here and there, no doubt caused by imperfections on the wall surface during installation. That "third of a century" ago. Let's just say we've grown accustomed to their face....

What has struck me recently is how closely this mirrors us in our Christian walk. Yeah .. it does!

See, when man's light shines on our lives, we look pretty good. It lights up our dress, our house, our family, our cars, our jobs, our retirement account ... all the things it can illuminate. And those things are important.

To the world.

When God's light shines on us, however, it shows up things the world cannot appreciate. Our sin, our forgiveness, our obedience, our conformity to Jesus' image. All the things the world may not, or cannot, see. And what it seldom appreciates.

But that's OK. I'm not out to please the world. Oh, they might appreciate our accommodating attitude in the things that God appreciates .. think charity, etc ... but they can't see Christlikeness for what it is.

They don't always like it when we do God's will. But we really, really need to, anyway.

Think Matthew 7:21....

The good thing about all this is that God is ready, willing, and eager to show you all the things in your life that the world cannot appreciate. If we will but meditate on His Word. And act on what He has shown us.

So let His light shine on your life. And on your feet, too. So you can follow the path He faithfully illuminates for you.

We sing about it. Shouldn't we walk in it, too?


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