Wednesday, May 24, 2017


That's a picture of my shoes. Most of them. They sit on a rack in the closet off our bedroom.

I've got two pairs of black loafers and two pairs of brown loafers. I have found that, for me, two pairs last well over twice as long as one pair, kind of spreading the wear around.

I have another pair of MBT black loafers that have a problem, about which I've written the manufacturer.

Without results.

I also have 2 pairs of lace-up athletic shoes, one of which is on my feet right now. I bought the second pair after my second knee replacement forced me to get $900 of orthotics, in an attempt to correct some difficulties caused by the replacement.

Orthotics I no longer use, as they physically injured my right foot about a year ago.

I have a pair of loafers for around the house, which I do usually wear, when I'm not wearing those white ones around the house. Plus those boots up top, which I last wore in 2000, I think it was.

Not counting sandals ... 2 pair ... on the top shelf. I last wore a pair of those on a mission trip to Nassau, in the early 1990's. And that's net of the 2 pair I already gave away.....

I have space to keep them, so I just do. I suppose it's kind of nice just having them.

And then there are tools. Oh my. I could go on forever about my tools. I have an engine crane I used when I replaced the dead 4-cylinder in the '79 S10 I bought from my grandson, with a really healthy 350. Maybe 10 years ago, and now at 79, I doubt I will be personally replacing any motors in any trucks.

Or the transmission jack, used to lift a transmission back in place under a car. Doubt its future usefulness as well.

There's also some stuff like cylinder hones, piston ring compressors, ball joint forks and the like, facing a future non-fate.

And hand tools? I have two good-sized tool boxes full of wrenches, hammers and the like. One each in the garage and the shed. And that includes wallboard hammers, trowels for finishing wallboard, and 25 or 30 gallons of old paint.

In fairness: Old paint is really hard to throw away......

Clothes? Ahh .. there we have a minor victory. We bagged up about two dozen shirts I haven't worn in years, and gave them to a local mission here in Pelham. They were happy to have them and assured me they'd be given away and worn in the near future. Goodness knows I wouldn't have...

POINT ONE: I hung on to all that stuff just because I had it and it was kind of nice to have. But when the jammed closet makes it hard to get at the stuff I do use, it's time to do something.

If I get another pair of shoes that I do wear, I probably ought to get rid of one pair.

POINT TWO: My faith had best not be like this. Just something nice to have.

Like the "Johnny Carson School of Theology". I heard him say on his show, one night, almost word for word: "Of course I believe .. a man would be a fool not to believe ... if it's true, you're ok, but if it's not, it doesn't make any difference".

Like I said. Nice to have.

I don't want to have that kind of faith. I want the kind that fills my mind every day, points me to things God wants done, and in general controls my life. And understand I don't claim credit for that ... I think Jesus died so I could have that kind of faith, and I want nothing less.

The desire started with Him, after all.

And in my mind, THAT is the only kind of faith that's nice to have.


At 6:36 PM, May 24, 2017, Blogger Madelyn Magruder said...

If my printer was printing, THIS would go into my journal! Thanks!


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