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Saturday, April 15, 2017

You think YOU Have Experienced Tension?

I have little doubt that the day after The Crucifixion was the most tension-filled day, ever.


Jesus had been with them for a little over 3 years. He had performed many miracles in their sight, so they knew something was extremely special about Him. More special than anyone they'd ever seen, I'd guess.

They also saw Him as a Human Man. He ate with them, slept within their sight, prayed to His Father ... albeit differently from what they did.

He always prayed a little way away from them ... far enough that they could not hear His prayers. That's why, IMHO, they had to ask Him to teach them to pray like He did.

They knew there was something special going on there, and they wanted some of it.

But they did not have the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Hence, they could not have understood the Spiritual truth that Jesus and His Father were, in fact, One. I doubt they could have understood the truth that Jesus had the authority to lay His life down, and to pick it up again.

They knew He had authority over death, but now He was dead. He wasn't there, so they could never have understood that He ... His Father ... could bring Jesus back to life.

If you think about it, the Disciples weren't just biding their time on the day after the Crucifixion. They were huddled in fear, Leaderless. And when the women went to the tomb on Sunday morning, it wasn't to greet a Living Savior, it was to anoint a dead body. They had so consigned Him to death that they did not ever recognize Him when they first saw Him.

If they'd have realized ... connected the dots ... that Jesus said He was going to be killed one day, and would come back to life 2 days later (as we celebrate it), they would have seen that the entirety of their faith was on the line, that day. Either....

  • He doesn't rise from the tomb, meaning their faith was in vain, what Jesus said was all untrue and hence He was either a liar or a lunatic, And certainly not a Savior... or ... 
  • He rises to life, meaning He was what He said He was, He really did make the atonement for all the sin of His followers, And God was putting His seal of approval on everything Jesus did and said. 
So there it all was. Pass/Fail. Go/NoGo. Life/Death. Win/Lose.

It was ALL on the line. What a day it would have been to be there, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, just waiting in anticipation of the greatest event the world will ever know.

I think that's why we're reminded, in Hebrews 9:27, that it is appointed to us to die. There will be a day in our life when it'll be Pass/Fail ... Go/NoGo ... Life/Death ... Win/Lose.

I am thankful I'm on the winning side. 


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