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Thursday, May 05, 2016

I've Had It. I Need To Say This NOW.

I have always heard that the only way to solve a problem within a particular group, is for the group itself to address the issue and act on it.

A few examples come to mind:

Racial prejudice in the white community. It's for sure that the black community does not have a way to solve it. That change of heart can only come from within the individuals in the group, and from within the group itself.

Having spent about a half a century in the insurance business, one fact is grounded thoroughly in my mind and heart: the observable generalizations about a group NEVER apply to any one individual in the group. While that might not apply to ISIS, it certainly does apply to people of any one race, people in any one profession ... with a few exceptions ... or people in any one religious group.

I've been a Southern Baptist for 35 years, but I'm also described as Calvinistic and Pentecostal. So go figure.....

Anyway, your skin color or your accent are irrelevant to me.

Similarly, the white community cannot solve the black-on-black crime problem, either. That will take movement from within that community, to train and raise their youth with respect for the lives and property of others. Now I know the black community's youth has a tougher time getting jobs, etc, but that can only be changed by changes in the youth ... not changes in the job market.

Every successful black citizen I know proves that it's possible.

But enough about racial prejudice.

I'm sure you can think of some other groups to which this thought applies. So, on to the topic at hand.

In the USA, and involved in this upcoming Presidential election, we have two groups I'm talking about.

The Evangelical community, and the Political community.

Problems within the Political community will only be addressed by those within the Political community. And I must believe that those folks will never be mostly devoted Christians of the Evangelical community. God said so, indirectly, when He said that the way that leads to life is narrow, and few would find it.

Few, as contrasted with many. Little, small, few ... vs ... many, much, large.

The voting public .. the political community ... is never going to vote for people who represent the Evangelical community's values. And, since the Evangelical community isn't electing a Pastor-in-Chief, but rather a Commander-in-Chief, I doubt that they're going to, either.

The Evangelical community trying to influence an election in the Political community should be as acceptable to me, as a believer, as the Government trying to influence the upcoming elections in the SBC.

I've said it as a status on Facebook, but I'll say it here, too: The task of the voter is to decide which of the two candidates is going to do the best job leading the nation, as Commander-in-Chief, and then exercise their privilege to vote. And to lose the sense that failing to sway an election or influence the choice of candidates in no way reflects on the Evangelical community and any perceived failure to "Win the World". (Nation, State, whatever)

Despite what too many pastors have said within my hearing.