Sunday, April 10, 2016


Wade Burleson has just finished a new book, entitled "Radically New ... The New Covenant Will Change The Way You Think And Live". I got it on Amazon, and read it last evening and this morning.

Yeah .. I know it's Sunday and folks will say "You should have been in church!!" but I'm coming off a bad cold and a full day of travel, and neither Peg nor I was up to going out this morning.

It's also ironic ... and probably providential ... that I'm writing about Wade's new book under these circumstances. Ever since I've been active in churches, I can recall being admonished about sin, and about "ought to's". What we ought to do and what we ought not to do. About something, almost every week.

Then I read somewhere that John 8:32 promises freedom to those who know the Truth. And, since Jesus said HE is the Truth (and the Way and the Life), I've wondered what we're set free from. Some have said we're free from the eternal consequences of our sin ... free from hell, but frankly that's a promise made to dead Christians. I've wondered what about now? What's the freedom for living Christians?

Rev. Burleson effectively answers that in this book. He proposes that operating as one freed from the Old Covenant ... the one that was offered to Israel through the Mosaic law ... allows one to live free from the "ought to's" that we're always hearing about.

Jesus plainly tells us that the mark of the Christian will be the love we show one for another. And that we're to love our neighbors as ourselves. And that mandates we love ourselves. Plus, He told us we're to love each other as He has loved us! And the language tells us we're to love one another and love our neighbors just as, or to the same degree, as Jesus loved us. And we can't do that unless we love ourselves the way Jesus loves us. Despite our flaws. Despite our failures. Despite our shortcomings.

So bundle up all the actions that "churchy people" have told you over the years .. the things you have to do in order to justify your position as a follower of Jesus ... and leave them on the ash heap from one of those burnt offerings of the past. And exercise your privilege of loving people the way Jesus loves you, and the way He has in mind for us to love others.

It's called abundant life, and it's one of the 2 reasons Jesus, Himself, gave for coming to earth.

I haven't tried to go through and address each point Wade makes in Radically New..", for to do so would require I write his whole book here. But, trust me, he makes a very effective case for moving from the old, works-oriented, action dependant working out of our salvation, to loving ourselves as Jesus loves us, and passing that love along to one another and to the world.

If there are any of the commandments in the Old Covenant ... including what we refer to as the "Ten Commandments" ... that nag at you, then you need to get, and read, this book. Once you see how Wade has woven scripture together to substantiate each point, The book will live up to its title, and up to its sub-title.


"Radically New ... The New Covenant Will Change The Way You Think And Live", available for $4.99 through Amazon. And well worth it.


At 5:16 PM, April 18, 2016, Blogger Aussie John said...


I was pleased to start reading the book yesterday.

You're so right,he "GETS IT", but sad to say, because he gets it, there will be a lot of flack floating his way.

I began to get it a few years ago, and in the process of sermon preparation, had a big struggle letting go a lot of dross that I had accumulated over the years.

Performance oriented living, which is more often than not the demand of twisting Scripture to fit an agenda, is the most soul destroying and discouraging message any believer can hear.

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed". John 8:36 means far more than being set free from the bondage of sin, where tradition has left it.


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