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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Deep Dheep Discussion

The fellow over there in the picture is a gent I met on our recent cruise. His name is Dheep, and he hails, originally, from India. Currently, he lives in Canada, where he is a teacher of internal combustion engines.

I'd done what I did several times on this cruise; namely to sit down at a table where someone was alone and ask them where they were from. Without exception, folks were always most cordial, and we usually found lots to talk about.

Even including a 70ish lady on her "honeymoon cruise" .. she'd been married about 10 months ... whose husband had been denied boarding because he'd forgotten his passport. She told him "Well, I'm going anyway!"

In Dheep's case, I eventually asked him if, being from India, he was a Buddhist or a Muslim. He answered that he was "more of an atheist".

Man, I love to talk to atheists! I told him that, personally, I did not have enough faith to be an atheist. To answer his quizzical look, I then said "atheism means someone is thinking they know every possible form in which God could appear, they know everywhere in the universe He could possibly be, they can see all those places at the same time, and that they can guarantee God is not there.

His response, after some thought, was there was certainly some higher power out there. I then asked him if he thought that "higher power" would want to let us know of his existence. To communicate with us in some way. On that point, Dheep became very evasive.

 He then asked how there could be so much misery and evil in the world, if there was a "God" Who was good. My response to that was: if he saw a bunch of men with long hair down to their waists, and it was dirty and unkempt, would he believe there must not be any barbers in the world? He said no, and I remarked of course ... you'd simply think those guys had not been to one of those people who could solve that problem. He nodded affirmatively, and I said that was the reason behind the evil and misery he saw ... those folks haven't been to the One Who could help end it.

He then told me of his son, who was diagnosed as bipolar at age 17. He got married in his early 20's, but then took his own life at age 30. He further mentioned that his son had become a Christian. His daughter-in-law, and his own wife had become Christians, as well!

We talked about that a while, and about the Bible. He was somewhat resistant to it, saying "there was still research going on about that".

In light of his hesitancy about Scripture, I left him with a challenge. I told him I was aware that he had studied many books to allow him to teach about things like the Otto Cycle, compression ratios, oversquare vs undersquare, 2-cycle vs 4-cycle, and all the rest of the things he taught. When he acknowledged that he had done that, I challenged him to study the Bible on the same basis. When he came to something he questioned, check it out, just as he had in reading about compression-ignition engines. Maybe get someone else to explain something he didn't quite "get".

 I suggested he get one of the Bibles his now-deceased wife had used, and study the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and then go on from there.

Now: we all love to see "conversions" ... people saying that prayer ... but I doubted that was going to happen at that table. So I was content to have made the appeal that I did. Besides, I know that any increase ... in him ... will come from the One Who gives all increase.

As we parted, I asked if I could take his picture. He said "Sure", so I took the picture above. I then told him my name was Bob, to which he responded "I am Dheep". And added "not deep, like the water out there ... that's D-E-E-P. I am D-H-E-E-P which means, in my language, "teacher"

I told him that rang a bell with me ... that, if he finds something which speaks to him in the books I challenged him to read, he may, indeed, have much to teach people in the future.

 May it be so.


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