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Friday, March 04, 2016

Teaching. And My Computer.

Buried over on the left end of my desk, hiding behind my HP 8601 Printer and some arts and crafts supplies, is my HP Computer. It's what I'm typing on right now, via my Logitech wireless keyboard.

I've had it for so many years that I don't remember how many years I've had it. Of course, at my age, that could be two or three.

Anyway, I recently upgraded the operating system to Windows 10. And I get along with it just fine ... it does everything I want to do with my computer.

Every now and then, Microsoft updates the operating system. Most of the upgrades go unnoticed, except for my sitting quietly while it tells me it's about done.

That got me to thinking a few days ago. When the system is updated, I don't just use the new part of the program ... the part that was updated. Those upgrades go into the system and then, next time I'm using the computer, I use everything the computer has.

The added information, or capabilities, help me do what I need to accomplish, perhaps improving on what I could do before the upgrade.

Now for the Spiritual buzz I got from this: my experience with the computer is a lot like teaching Sunday School. We sit down with our lesson material and prepare our lesson, with the material to guide us. Then, in the class, we teach the lesson from within ourselves, including all the Spiritual resources already there. Over time, that should be building, thus making us more effective teachers of the Word.

Some time ago, someone with connections to Lifeway ... and the old Baptist Sunday School Board ... told me that the teacher's material was designed to help the teacher in preparing the teacher's lesson, based on that material. What the teacher then teaches, in the class, would similarly feed into the Spiritual lives of those in the class, who have prepared for the lesson by reading the members' quarterlies.

At least I think .... make that I hope .... that's how it works. I fear that too many teachers may simply present the material contained in the teacher's manual, thus bypassing what should be a Spiritual storehouse in the teacher himself.

We unconsciously use all the resources our computer needs to do what we need to accomplish, when we're at our computers. Let's be sure and do the same, when we're in front of our Sunday School classes.


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