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Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Automobile And The Holy Ghost

That's my car over there on the right. it's a 2015 Ford Fusion, and it has all the bells & whistles on it except automatic parking.

Well ... we bought it in November of 2014 and haven't parallel parked it yet, so no big deal.

Some of the features: when you're backing up, it warns you if you're about to hit some object behind the car. Where you normally can't see things. ***

It also has a thing called "Lane Assist". Neat little feature that shows a small graphic representation of your car, in a lan, with sidelines marked by green lines on either side. When you get too close to one side or the other, the lines turn bright yellow. If you don't herd the car back into the middle of the lane, but get too close to one side or the other, the car warns you. Or sometimes corrects you. Depending on how you set the controls, it either vibrates the steering wheel, or else it puts pressure on the wheel to bring it back into the correct lane. ***

It works so well that, one time on a level Interstate Highway, with no traffic, I just let go of the wheel. Eventually, the car slowly drifted to the left side. After warning me with the yellow deal on the dashboard graphic, it actually turned the wheel and moved back where the car should have been.

But the car didn't like that. It displayed a warning on the dashboard that said "WARNING: DRIVER SHOULD KEEP BOTH HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL AT ALL TIMES." ***

I got scolded by my own car.

When the Lane Assist is turned on, if you wander around the lane enough, from side to side, it eventually gives you a message "DRIVER NEEDS REST".***

It has another deal I didn't know about until I just noticed it in action one day. If you head down a hill of any length, and keep your foot off the throttle, when the car senses you coasting and gaining speed, it downshifts the transmission to a lower gear. The RPM's increase, and it controls the speed without the brakes. ***

There are some things I know about, too. Airbags, collapsible steering columns, seat belts, interiors designed for safety. All, things to keep me safe and assure my getting where I'm going, safely.***

Last time I drove somewhere and these things happened, it got me to thinking. Aren't the ***'s similar to the things the Holy Ghost does in the life of a believer?

He warns us when we're about to "back into" trouble....

He tells us when we stray from the path....

He warns us when we're not paying attention ....

He cautions us when we're running ahead of Him....

He keeps us safe, until God has a better idea for us. Even better than we'd plan, ourselves.

These things about my car are just the things I notice that it does, that one does not normally expect of one's conveyance. I'm sure it does more stuff I don't even know about. And I'm pretty sure the Holy Ghost does more stuff for me than I notice, too.

He's good at that. And a lot better than Ford .....


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