Thursday, December 03, 2015


The shootings in San Bernardino were and are terrible. It is, I suppose, expectable, but still sad, that we are already hearing politicization thereof, with reference to gun rights and the NRA.

It seems unthinkable to me, that the same government that refuses to even hint at a link between a "religious group" and terrorism seems to want to paint all gun-owners with the brush they won't use on the domestic terrorists.

Ask yourself who it is that is teaching the value ... the preciousness .. of human life, today. The church is, but the government and schools sure aren't!

Might we expect that 8 years of support for the right to kill babies would lead to a lessening of regard for life, among some segments of the population?

I think so.

It is obvious that the thing that stopped the bad guys with guns, in San Bernardino, was the good guys with guns. And have you noticed that there's also a total lack of media attention paid to civilian incidents in which a good guy with a gun saves himself and/or his family from mayhem at the hands of bad guys?

I sure have,. But we have to hear about those through privately-told stories.

Don't tell me that the criticism of the media for being liberally biased doesn't have a firm foundation.

Among other things, our governmental leadership seems oblivious to the fact the criminals will always have guns, and it's already illegal for them to have them, and governments are powerless to control that!

In light of that, I am quite happy with the feeling of security I get from having a loaded .357 in a hidden-but-handy spot in my home.

Put all the laws concerning background checks and gun ownership you want, on the books, and the crooks will still get guns the way they always have. They'll steal them or buy them on the black market.

Our government is rapidly proving the old adage:


Come to think of it, I think the voting public in our nation has already done that.


At 6:19 PM, December 03, 2015, Blogger Madelyn Magruder said...


Long time, no "see".

At 10:48 AM, December 04, 2015, Blogger Lee said...

There are numerous, and increasing examples of shootings occurring in places where plenty of privately armed individuals carrying concealed weapons are nearby, and have been unable to prevent a mass shooting, and in some cases, where the outcome was worse because of the presence of additional weapons.

We're polarized politically, so we make little progress and we fail to observe places that have succeeded in preventing the kind of mass shootings that are almost unique to the United States. The Swiss, per capita, own more guns than Americans do. But they have a system of ownership accountability that discourages their mis-use, and a system of registering and tracking them that prevents them from being brought into the country, or sold illegally. They don't seem to share the paranoia on that point that many Americans do, nor do they instantly jump to the conclusion that any kind of gun control means a government intent on confiscation. No one in this country of any political persuasion has ever advocated abolishing private ownership of guns, limiting quantities, or confiscating them, but that's the straw man that conservatives always argue against. We could learn something from the Swiss. But I don't think either side of the political spectrum in this country is interested in either facts, or learning from someone else. It doesn't make much sense to create a huge fuss over bringing a small group of desperate refugees into the country from Syria because of concerns for safety, and out of fear as a result of about 170 lives lost in Paris, when 30,000 Americans die every year in gun violence incidents, and we don't lift a finger to bother with a solution to that problem.

At 12:29 PM, December 04, 2015, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...

They've lifted the finger with gun laws in California, in Chicago, and in Washington DC. Laws are obviously not the problem as only law-abiding and well-meaning citizens will comply. It is criminals and terrorists who are killing people in these heralded events, and laws have absolutely no effect on them.

The point is that we have nationally devalued life ... the removal of prayer from schools removed one of the few acknowledgments of authority in our schools and directly contributed to declining respect for authority in the USA ... and nothing we are doing now, outside the church and .. hopefully ... nuclear families ... is teaching it to our kids.

We are reaping what we have sown.

Incidentally, the point about school prayer was told to me personally by Bill Bennett, Reagan's Secretary of Education.

Regardless, I appreciate the comment.


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