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Wednesday, September 09, 2015


A little personal privilege, please. Trust me ... I'll get to something else in a minute.

I am the lucky recipient of arthritis, which is becoming worse as the years slip past. (Note .. I did not say the luck was good..) So there are lots of things I cannot do any more.

We put a new dusk-to-dawn light on the eave of the screened-in deck a couple months ago. It does a terrific job of lighting the driveway out back, where we normally park our car. Unfortunately, it also does an excellent job of lighting the back deck where we like to sit in the cool of the evening.

Brightly light, I might add. So now, sitting out there after dark resembles being in a police lineup.

Not good.

So I wheeled the 6' scaffold in, got some pieces of carpet to staple up in the strategic spot, to shade the deck. But, I discovered, while wheeling in the scaffold and ladder was pretty easy, climbing an 8' stepladder and getting onto a 6' scaffold was not. In fact, owing to the arthritis in my back and other various places, it was no longer in the cards.

In fact, it was our sons Brian & Brad, and Grandkids Matthew & Meredith, who'd put the light up there, in the first place.

Facts settle in. Instant regret, resentment and self pity along for the ride.. But thanks be to God, so do a couple other things, along with it.

For one: Peg and I are blessed with a couple sons and grandkids who can probably do that for us.  As Mitch Albom said in Tuesdays with Morrie ... quoting Morrie Schwartz .... "Some people are upset that they need help; others are happy that they have  help.

I choose the latter.

For another: Whereas I can't do some of the things I did 20 years ago, owing to the vagaries of age and the accompanying maladies, .there are still more things I can do than I'll ever have time to do, anyway.

I've gotten pretty good at making  Snoopies and Charlie Browns for our deck and mailbox, f'rinstance.

And perhaps even better .. make that much, much better, God has opened the door to minister to people in recent years ... more than ever before. In the past week or so, I have messaged back & forth with a couple people on  Facebook, of all places; folks who had trouble living up to the future vision they had for themselves, and who benefited from being reminded that we're to live today in the way we believe we should live today. It's the only day we're promised, and it doesn't depend on our assurance that we can change ourselves to be something else in the future. And they've told me it was helpful to them.

Reminder: as the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3:6; some plant and some water, but God gives any increase.. Which reminds me of the incredibly Spirit-filled ride in an airplane 2000 feet above the Grand Canyon. It didn't bother me at all that I wasn't piloting the plane, but it was a huge thrill to be along for the ride! 

Such, it is, with ministering to people.

Tine to focus on what we can do.

I think the SBC and its entities and its leadership need to think of that, too.