Friday, June 19, 2015


This isn't about anything deeply Spiritual, but I had to laugh when it happened earlier today. Then, as the day progressed, it sparked some ideas that I thought I'd share.

That's our car, over to the right. I had it washed once ... a couple months ago ... and since it'd gotten a bit spotted from rain and all, I figured maybe washing it twice in 7 months wouldn't be too much.

Besides, I had this certificate from a local car wash place, for a free birthday wash. I won't say I'm lazy or anything, but my birthday is May 12.

NOTE: That silver/gold color is pretty good at hiding dirt, if you're contemplating buying a car any time soon.

Anyway, I went by the "drive-thru-tunnel" car wash here in Pelham and noted the entrance was barricaded. So I pulled around the side, through a supermarket parking lot, to leave when I noticed a couple workers walking out of the carwash. I asked them if they'd be closed all day and they said most likely. And then one of them handed me a card good for a free deluxe wash, "for your trouble".

I thought that was nice, and then I went to fill up the car at one of our local gas stations. When I pulled in, I saw a sign that said "Free Express Car Wash with 8 Gallon Fill-up". So I filled it up and went in and got a ticket with a code on it, and drove through the car wash.

My car is now clean.

Not only that, but I also still have the birthday certificate for a free car wash in my glove compartment .... along with the card the man gave me for a deluxe car wash, next time my car gets dirty. At this rate, I'm set for 4, maybe 5 years.

What tickled my writing gene was the fact that I went out with a car wash and came back with two  car washes. Plus a clean car.

Isn't that how God works? We come to Him for salvation from sin, and He pours out more on us than we would ever have guessed.

Stuff we haven't seen, heard, or imagined.

Just like me and the Blue Rain Express Car Wash.


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