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Friday, November 21, 2014

Mr. Obama's Unilateral Actions

By now we've all heard of the speech given by Mr. Obama last evening. I have two reactions to it.

One of them is what I would have said a year ago. The other is what I think, today. And they differ.

A year ago, I would have ranted against it, on two different grounds. One is, it's an abuse of power by Mr. Obama, and should be cause for impeachment. Today, I heard on the radio, perhaps a dozen recordings of statements he previously made about "Executive Order", and about the role of the President in upholding and enforcing the laws of the land. The other reason is I was against ... vehemently so ... granting any official legal status to those who broke the law to get here.

But that's changed; here's why.

The USA is culpable in the "Illegal Alien mess" we have here, now. And yes, I refuse to call them "undocumented immigrants" or any other politically correct designation.

They are aliens ... foreigners ... who are here illegally.

But the fact is that we, as a nation, have stood by and watched this going on for years. For decades. The people who risked so much to get here via routes you and would never dare, had good reason to believe that, once they got here, they would be welcome. That they would be accepted.

And it matters not what most people think of the mess, either. The national actions ... or rather inaction ... may not have been done by the man on the street here, but he's the same guy that went into the voting booths and elected the slate of ne'er-do-wells we refer to as the Congress and the Executive Branch. And they, and the guys they hired to do the grunt work, are the proximate cause .. by their action or their inaction ... of the mess we've got now.

I recall the day in 2007 that my best friend ... his last name rhymes with "Scott" ... said that Barack Hussein Obama was more dangerous to the USA than was Osama Bin Laden. He was widely derided for saying it, but time is proving him correct.

Anyone with a lick of sense could have seen that after 4 years, but our populace voted him back in anyway.

Back to the immediate problem: Illegal aliens. What Mr. Obama is attempting to do via Royal Proclamation Executive Orders is exactly what should have been done by the great swamp on the Potomac ... AKA "Congress". But wasn't. There is absolutely no reason that smells anything like serving the people, that they didn't, long ago. Shame on them.

 There's a principle in law called "estoppel". The definition, according to one of those on-line dictionaries, is: 

  "...the principle that precludes a person from asserting something contrary to what is implied by a previous action or statement of that person or by a previous pertinent judicial determination."

In light of that definition, and of court cases extending a variety of privileges to Illegal Aliens, how can we now say "We didn't mean it....", and remove those here illegally?

I don't think we can. 

Nor do I think we should. And I'm  not even considering the Christian duty many of our citizens have, toward the sojourners in our midst.

No, Mr. Obama just did what I think Congress should have done, years ago. But, as my former Pastor, Mike Shaw, said many times: "It's never right to do wrong, to do right".  



At 6:54 PM, November 27, 2014, Anonymous Lee said...

I recall, back in the late 1980's, having a heated discussion in a graduate class on constitutional law about the "constitutional" nature of executive orders from a President being used for their constitutional purpose of enforcing the law, or to bypass Congress and "legislate from the executive branch." The President whose executive orders on immigration in particular was the subject of that discussion was Ronald Reagan. If you take the names and the political affiliations out of the discussion, this latest set of executive orders on immigration compares quite similarly to those issued during both the Reagan and W administrations. They all recognized deportation as impractical, and re-organized the line to legal status. Reagan eventually put enough pressure on Congress to get them to pass an amnesty bill of sorts.

It's pretty clear that our existing immigration laws aren't able to handle the situation as it exists. Congress must either provide the budget money to enforce the law, which is the main reason why it isn't being enforced effectively now, or it must change the law in recognition of the fact that immigration policy must change. Otherwise, the current President won't be the last one required to issue executive orders to deal with the situation as it exists.


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