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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Isaiah 55:11: Sometimes It Returns With Dividends

The picture over there is the fly-leaf page of a Bible belonging to my nephew Kevin. The backstory is fascinating, but then, so's the update.

My parents' 50th wedding anniversary was March 6th, 1981. In honor, we had a nice dinner here for them, and invited all the family. That included our kids, who were 20 & 18, and also my brother, wife & his boys, who were about a year older, each.

Kevin was the older of the two.

After the dinner, at which we'd given mom & dad a cruise to the Bahamas, we were all sitting around in the living room and chatting. My nephew Kevin remarked about a red bible lying on a table and said he'd always been interested in it. I asked him if he'd like to know more, and he said yes, so we went downstairs to our den and spent some time talking.

Bottom line: he prayed to become a Christian. Knowing that "baby Christians" needed Spiritual food just like babies need food, we told him we'd buy him a Bible. And this is it.

I was chatting with him on Facebook a bit ago, and we started talking about some old times. We reminisced about his dad, of whose salvation we're just not sure, and about some other things, including his childhood. Then, suddenly, this picture pops up on my screen.

He still has the Bible we bought for him, a third of a century ago!

Kevin drives his own fuel delivery truck, as he has for many years. And shortly after that picture popped up on my screen, he said this:

"This is the Bible that has been with me in my semi trucks 
over all of the years within reach from the seat always."

Wow. Just WOW.

He's a strong, open-about-his-faith Christian now, and I cannot begin to describe how that warms my heart. But that wasn't all. A few minutes later, up pops this one:

He noted "You shared this from Romans that day and it was the best start ever".

Now I can flat guarantee you that what I said did not produce any fruit that day. Were that the case, then the same result would always come about when I shared my faith with someone. But we all know it doesn't. 

As is the case with teaching a Sunday School Lesson, Preaching a Sermon, sharing your faith, giving a cup of cold water to someone, or anything else we do in His service, it is the Holy Spirit Who brings about results.

Putting it another way, the Apostle Paul said that he'd planted and Apollos had watered, but God gave the increase. He further said that neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but GOD who gives the increase. Who produces the results.

The great tragedy, I think, in modern Christendom, is that the Foot Soldiers have all gone home and left the battle to the Generals to fight. They don't seem to comprehend that God's promises are true. They're "yes and amen". And they're worth whatever we can do, here.

Even when we do step out and share our faith, too often we have doubts, later. Particularly if someone doesn't pray right then. Well, if that's ever been the case, I have a News Flash for you:

God said His word would not return void. And He meant it.



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