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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Grate Answer. And Great Answers.

The strip running across the end of the concrete there is a metal grating.

Following is a brief explanation.

The lot on which our house is situated slopes down, from left to right. the house is one story on the left, but is two-story on the right; the basement is a walk-out finished "apartment" ... for lack of a better term ... temporarily occupied by our granddaughter and her new hubby.

There's a driveway on each side of the house, and it runs behind the house, down to the gravel drive you see. Naturally, there's a lot of water running down it when it rains, and with the septic tank located at the far right edge of the picture, we thought it a good idea to channel the water away from that. So I built a channel about 5" deep across the end, open at the ends to channel the rain either into a drainpipe at the left, or out into the woods at the right.

The problem has been that I haven't found a way to successfully cover the channel. I tried all kinds of things with 1X4', 2X4', wire mesh and what-not, but nothing worked. Then, I noticed that there were some reinforcing bars kind of buried in the leaves by the driveway, so I dug them out. There were six of them, twenty feet long. They'd been left over when we had the concrete wall built, the very end of which can be seen at the far right of the photo.

Hmm ... being somewhat of a tool packrat, I also have a welder and a metal-cutting chop saw, so figured I'd get to work. In one brief day, I cut the re-bar into lots of shorter pieces, and welded up the grating shown. [

It works like a charm. My welds are even holding!

And that got me to thinking. That wall was built in 2002, so those re-bars have been sitting there for 12 years now, while I messed around trying to solve the driveway water runoff problem. But when I looked around and saw what I really had, it took a short day's work to solve a problem I'd had for as long as we'd had the driveway.

That got me to pondering: think of the average Christian. He has Christian friends, a church, plenty of stuff around him, a pastor who probably likes to minister, and also the Bible. Not to mention a Savior who died to present us with (the ability to have) an abundant life, and the Holy Spirit to guide us into it.

Too often, I fear, they're like my 12-year-old reinforcing bars. They're lying alongside my well-traveled ways, covered by the other stuff in my life, and unnoticed all the while because of that aforementioned other stuff..

Even though, all these years, I had the tools in the other room, that I could have used, to deal with all those problems.

It was that way for too long, in my own life. I hope it's not, in yours.


At 2:19 PM, June 24, 2014, Blogger Laurie LaGrone said...

You missed your calling as a pastor. I'm glad you find your own ways (many ways) to minister and share your wisdom, boB.

At 5:14 PM, June 24, 2014, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...

Thanks so much, Laurie. I write because I like to write, but comments such as yours are more than enough encouragement to make me want to write.



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