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Friday, November 22, 2013

There's Something About Getting Old .....

I've discovered something about getting old. And it kind of has to do with being young.

I am speaking to Christians here ... I really can't think of getting old without Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in my life, so I wouldn't have anything to say of interest to someone who was unsaved and getting old.

(Except "GET SAVED!")

Anyway, this stems from a conversation with an older person, about my age, who was down in the dumps about Thanksgiving. When you're older, and dependent on others, you cannot do all the things you used to do, and enjoy, particularly around Holidays.

Incidentally, Happy Holidays! (See .. I didn't take Jesus out of Christmas; I simply said I hope your holiday season is joyful. That's supposed to be bad, or something?)

I can understand why Holidays would be "downers" for old cusses like us. Lots of terrific memories about things we did, and we know we can't do a lot of them any more. And just like "you don't know what you have, until you lose it", inability to act like, and do the things, we used to, can take our eyes off what we still have.

One of the thoughts I really focus on is that I used to be able to do 100,000 different things, but not any more ... I can only do about 98,000. So I'm supposed to be upset about only having 98,000 things to do?

No thanks. That's not for me.

All that is what brought up the thought that prompted this post. If I were not involved in the active Christian life, if I had never taught, been in Bible studies, not been an active part of Sunday School, not ever talked to servers in restaurants (or the lady who took our groceries to the car at Publix yesterday ... she spoke 3 languages, by the way, and her other job was a professional interpreter ...), if those things hadn't been part of my life for as long a time as they have, then I might indeed find myself in a Pity Party over what I can't do any more, too.

So, listen up, young-uns. GET INVOLVED! Discover and use your Spiritual gifts. Look up what the word "worship" really means in the New Testament, and get busy doing that. Get into a Bible study where you really wrestle with some verses. Lead one, maybe. Do stuff. Get involved.

The old age you save may be your own.

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