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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Since They Seem To Be Making a Big Deal of It........

I thought I'd address all the conspiracy theories that are flying around, about his assassination.

First, I was an adult, a homeowner, and a family man, at the time of his murder. I recall when and where, even to the coat I was wearing and who I was talking to, when I heard.

I was glued to the TV during those days when not much else was on TV, and watched all the reports and investigations. One of the organizations that investigated even set up a geometrically and spatially correct mockup of the 6th floor window, and the street below, to test a marksman of the same rank as Oswald and his ability to make the shots claimed.

He did, by the way. Easily.

I watched and read all I could about the Warren Commission's investigation.

I personally was watching TV at the moment Jack Ruby stepped out of the crowd and shot Lee Harvey Oswald. And my conclusion was at that time, and still is, that it happened just the way they said.

I think two factors of human nature come into play in the conspiracy theories. One is that we don't want to believe that such a grand tragedy can be so simple. There just HAS TO BE more to it, you know. I mean, how could a handful of terrorists with nothing more than box-cutter knives, bring down the twin towers and do massive damage to the Pentagon. And kill thousands of people in an hour's time?

But there is one more factor, I think, that comes into play over time. And this one has two heads:

First, hard evidence fades. Eyewitnesses die out, living witnesses' memories fade, less and less hard media in within our eyesight .. pictures, reports, etc.

Second, we like to speculate. And who would ever speculate "Gee .. what if it happened just like they said?" Nope ... what folks do is to think of ways in which it DIDN'T happen like they said.

Couple 50-year-old evidence, which is fading, with a renewed round of speculation that there was really some other dark plot, and voila! we are!

Don't waste any time or lose any sleep over it. I mean, even the fact that over a half a century, nobody has ever admitted anything is enough for me.....


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