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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trusting God In Lesser Things

If we're professing Christians, we're telling the world that we trust Jesus with our eternal destinies. In other words, we trust Him with our souls. But I have to wonder what else we entrust to Him.

Now, I'm not saying there's anything more important than trusting Him for salvation. But it seems to me that's only one of several steps in living what Jesus Himself referred to as an abundant life.

Over the years, I've seen church members ... in a half dozen or so different denominations ... who seem to trust God in varying degrees. I'm sure it's an infinitely variable spectrum, but there are at least 4 stages I've observed in fellow believers. Here's my take on it:

  • Trusting Jesus with your eternal soul. Nothing seems more important than that, to the believer, but it seems a bit narrow to me. When someone shows no fruit beyond that, it seems to me that they may well be trusting in an eternal sense, but not in smaller things. Just last evening, as I write this, we were reading in Exodus, of the detailed instructions God gave Moses for building the tabernacle. My goodness, what a myriad of small details. We discussed how we'd understand all the minutiae some day, even though we didn't right now. But it also became clear that God is interested in all the details, whether we deem them minor or major. And if He did then, surely He's concerned about the minor details of our lives, too. But, if all we trust Him for is what happens after we die, we're missing out on something that just may be really, really important.

  • Trusting Jesus with our lives. This is the part where we realize that He doesn't just change our eternity, but He's given us the Holy Spirit to guide us every day. The Holy Spirit He said would guide us into truth, never leave us, and will always point to, and glorify, God. If we'll just listen to the Spirit, in all the ways He's told us, then we may expect our obedience to result in further evidence of the Glory of God. And that sounds like it'd be a good thing ... if we truly believe that God wants to glorify Himself in our lives. And this would include all of our lives ... our checkbook, our work ethic ... our religious activities ... our family lives ... all of it.

  • Trusting God to use us. To use us to further the Kingdom on earth ... use us to further the fulfillment of the Great Commission ... use us to manifest all the fruit of the Spirit for the furtherance of the Kingdom and the benefit of the Body of Christ. For the benefit of our fellow believers. 100% of believers are gifted by the Holy Spirit, for the common good, yet perhaps 10%, or maybe less, of the members are actually involved in the operations of the organized and/or gathered Body of Christ. True, some may be faux members, and some may simply believe God can't, or won't, use them, because they feel unworthy or unable. But that flies directly in the face of the parable of the talents, in which God clearly states He gives to each according to their ability. 

  • Trusting God to do things through us, that we cannot do, ourselves. This is what emboldens us to dare things In Jesus' name, that others seem afraid to do. It's what causes us to pray over people, believing, when the doctors have given up hope. It's what drives us to start projects when we have the desire but not the means to accomplish them. And it's also what leads to some incredible "WOW moments"; the kind we can never forget. 

Trusting God to do, through us, what we can't do ourselves is what led Brian and Liv Meany ... and Liv's parents Barry & Paula Kornegay ... to start Anza Imani Rescue Foundation when there just didn't seem to be any way for them to do it.

Anza Imani was birthed out of a genuine, gut-level burden for homeless boys in Mwanza, Tanzania. And a belief that God could use them to do things that they, themselves, could not do.

God's doing those things, now, and you'll never convince Brian and Liv that an abundant life consists of overstuffed chairs, HDTV, and air conditioning.


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