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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Lazy Dog and a Fox

WARNING: Silliness follows:

29 years ago, we sold the company I'd worked for, for 9 years, to a (now-defunct) national-level insurer. Shortly thereafter, the insurer put in their own management, and bought out our contracts.

I went home with a year and a half's pay.

In the process of planning the rest of my life, I figured out I'd be needing a computer to go about finding a new job, so I could prepare decent-looking letters. Before I bought that, though, I found Mom's old portable typewriter and started practicing. I typed some "Now is the time..." and 'The quick brown fox.." sort of stuff, and then quit.

A couple days later, I had gotten a Commodore 64 computer and was moving the old typewriter, and I noticed someone had surreptitiously added a few lines to my typing. I suspected Brad, who still lived here at that time.

Thus began the Great Battle of the Fox and the Lazy Dog. I'd type a few lines, and come back the next day and discover he'd added a little. It went on for a couple weeks....

It follows; just click on the pictures to enlarge them to readability.

Silliness. Nonsense. Competitiveness, maybe. But it was fun; perhaps you will enjoy this little slice of life in our household, nearly three decades ago.

Peg stumbled across these pages today, cleaning out some junk. I had a good laugh over them, and decided I'd expose them to the (admittedly limited) public here.

P.S. Pulitzer Prize people: We may be reached at BR-549.


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