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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Watch What You Build Around....

Today was really the first morning when it was warm enough for Peg and me to have our breakfast on the back deck. Hence we did.

She'd gotten up a while before my own 8:25, so when I got my breakfast bar and coffee from the kitchen, I found her sitting out there, and joined her. It was a pleasant time.

But then I happened to glance at, and spend a little time contemplating, our hot tub. We've had it for 20+ years, since my mother bought it for Peg. Mom had heard Peg mention how much she and her sisters enjoyed time in the hot tub at sister Millie's Time-Share at Hilton Head, and wanted to get one for Peg to enjoy here.

Originally, the back deck was only 10' wide, and ended about the far-left post  you can see in the picture. The hot tub originally sat about where we were sitting, but took up half the whole deck, so we ended up doubling the size, and then adding another 7' for good measure. And, before I could stop myself, I'd roofed it over and screened it in.

Eventually, we moved the tub down where it is, now. The only trouble with it, now, is that it's quit working. That happened a couple times in the first dozen years we had it, and both times we had it repaired. The third time, I'd just had some surgery and didn't think it wise to submerge myself in scalding water right after that, and we were reluctant to spend more money on it. So, it's just sat over there for several years.

Now, that's not a big problem, since the deck is more than big enough for the two of us, but the obvious dilemma is .. what do we do with the tub? It's too big to remove! We'd have to cut it to pieces ... it's always touchy when you start sawing on fiberglass ... or tear out some of the screened-in area. So ... for the time being, we'll just hold on to the thought that it might be attractive to a buyer, if we ever decide to sell the house. Which, by the way, we don't plan on.

Then I got to thinking ... what is it we build our lives around? And is it possible that we can do that, and find something in our life that doesn't work any more, and is too big to get rid of?

I think it is. Let's say a guy gets hooked on pornography. That's all about lust, and when someone yields to that, it will produce some very bad habits in him. And then, when that guy gets old, the hormones subside and the lust wanes, but the guy is still left with the habits. And, even though no longer driven to do so, the habits are hard to break.

How about spending? Being used to having what you want when you want it? Unless you get really wealthy along the way, when you retire, you're going to have some well-established habits to break. Not to mention what's happened to lots & lots of folks, in light of the recent events in the economy.

Substitute anything else you want to build your life around ... imagine devoting yourself to that for dozens of years, and then remove it from the picture.

Not a pretty thought, is it?

That's one thing that's nice about being a follower of Jesus. If HE is the focus of your life, in every area, then any other peripheral focus of your life can be removed without the loss of your main reason for being.

Wish I'd learned that lesson long before I did. I wouldn't have had so many "hot tubs" to deal with.

Afterthought: Our nation was built on the sort of morality expressed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and exemplified in the lives of those people who sacrificed so, in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and in World Wars I and II. But somewhere along the way, after the Korean Conflict, Vietnam happened, and that seems to have been a turning point. Stand back and take a look at what our country's morphing into, today. Up to and including the news that the "Morning After" ... read "earliest possible abortion" .. pill be sold to 15-year old kids, over the counter. 

What are we building now? 


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