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Monday, May 20, 2013

Understanding Not Required. Thankfully.

I've been glued to the TV .. and the live feed from Channel 4 in Oklahoma City, all afternoon. Just a few minutes ago, as I'm typing this, they announced a number of children had been removed from one of the schools, and that all had drowned. They further expect perhaps 20 to 30 more.

I don't understand why God would let that happen. Or, to take that thought further, since Jesus demonstrated authority over weather, it might even be that God was responsible for it.

I don't understand.

Reminding myself once again .. and we do need more often to be reminded, than informed .. that God is sovereign, does help. But perhaps there's a lesson in my non-understanding, for which I should be grateful.

God makes it clear that the just will live by faith. That faith pleases Him (which I'm guessing would also mean it blessed us). That His ways aren't ours.

So here's what's striking me today. My decision to believe in Him, to believe Him, and to trust Him, is absolute. Irrevocable. Completely divorced from my personal feelings, disappointments, and transcends my ability or inability to understand.

And transcends my agreement with what He does. As Job said, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him". And slaying me would be something I really wouldn't understand. Or agree with. Yet, if the Bible is true in saying I am crucified with Christ, then God wouldn't really look to me for approval or understanding, anyway, would He?

Dead men don't opine or consent.

So, in the end, whether God allowed, caused, or whatever, today's meteorological occurrences, I am given to praise Him. For to limit my praise for Him to those things I can understand would be to trust myself, and my ability to to comprehend things.

I don't trust me nearly enough for that.


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