Thursday, April 18, 2013


One of the last things Jesus said, from the cross, was "It is finished". After that, the only words I recall being reported were His commending His Spirit to His Father.

Then, He died.

In God's sovereign plan, it was Jesus' death, for my sins, that completed the salvation which I came to, by simply believing Him, many years later. I was still a sinner, per Romans 5:8, when Jesus died.

Now, we can get into a long discussion about election, predestination, who did the choosing, etc, but that's not the point that occurred to me this morning. Which is why I quit working in the shed and came in here to write.

In my experience, everyone's opinion seems to be that the Roman guards didn't actually kill Jesus. They crucified Him, but He was still in control of the situation. And it was He who decided when His death should occur.

Jesus said, as far as I know, two reasons He came to earth. One was that we might have life, and have that more abundantly. Now, we can play around with the word "Life" and "Abundant", too, but that isn't my point here. My point deals with His other reason: that He might seek and save that which was lost.

Me. And if you're reading this, probably you, too.

I'm thinking His experience at the cross was about my salvation, pure and simple. Making my life abundant would come, IMO, when the tomb cropped up empty on Sunday morning; that's when He revealed that He even had control over death and life, and it validated all that He'd said about fixing up a place to live after we die. Which will then, naturally, confirm He'll come get us, somehow or other.

If the playing out the cross experience was indeed about saving my soul from hell, I have to ask when the deed was accomplished. That must have been at the point of His death. That would explain why He said "It is finished" and then died. I'm sure He'd, from a personal comfort standpoint, prefer to have been in Heaven than on the cross. But He couldn't let Himself go there until He was finished with my salvation.

Which was finished when He said it was. Only then could He allow Himself to die.

Of course, He came back, which speaks to me of God's affirmation of all that Jesus  did and said while here. Including all His promises. But that speaks to my security here and hope of life after I'm not. And that's another story.


At 11:33 AM, April 18, 2013, Anonymous Lee said...

Bob, I would love to be in your Sunday School class. Maybe you could get someone to stream it live, or put it up on you tube. You have a way of putting things that leads to a clear understanding.


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