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Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Matter Of Discernment

"But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." (1 Corinthians 2:14; KJV)

 Interesting thought. In this era of equal rights (and equal rewards, it seem) for all, regardless of effort, seriousness, study, etc, the thought that some folks might understand things that others don't seems foreign to the public. At least the media, I think .. and probably the government .. would, seemingly, have us think so. But the Biblical statement is for darned sure true, and I think it's a general truth, too: there are some folks who just don't seem to grasp some pretty important things.

 I've been reluctant to write about the gun control/Sandy Hook/"Assault Weapons"/Feinstein-proposed-ban thing, but haven't felt moved to write about anything else until I do. So here goes.

 If you want some proof that the USA is not a "Christian Nation", just look at the collective government's efforts to deal with Sandy Hook, etc etc. Purely knee-jerk reactions threatening to slap some more laws on people who (A) weren't violating any laws or shooting anybody anyway, or (B) weren't obeying the laws already on the books. And who wouldn't obey gun purchase laws .. they'd just steal them .. or gun registration laws .. they just wouldn't .. or "assault/automatic" weapons bans .. they'd just buy them legally or illegally anyway.

 The whole governmental reaction reminds me of a summer job I had in high school. It was with a company .. a warehouse .. in which my father was in management. First summer, I did a lot of work in the warehouse and I enjoyed it. Second summer, there wasn't much to do, so most weeks the boss told me to look busy and stay out of the bosses' way so they wouldn't notice.

 That was the worst summer job I ever had. Trying to look like I was doing something when I really wasn't. And hiding that fact from the brass hats.

 I think that's what our collective representatives in the great swamp on the Potomac are doing. Trying to look like they are addressing the issue, whether they actually accomplish anything or not. And stay out of the public eye so they don't get caught doing something that isn't going to work. That, IMO, is why they are not going to pay any attention to the fact that Chicago murders are up, despite having tough gun laws on the books already.

 Obviously, the laws aren't the problem. That's the part government cannot understand. Or should I say "discern". The problem is a spiritual matter among the people .. that 3-letter one .. and collectively, government has neither the eyes to see it, the tools to fix it, nor the will to try.

 We, nationally, have marched so far into the mire of immorality and indifference to ethics, and the "entitlement" mindset, that I don't know if there's a remedy.

Short of Spiritual transformation. And that's something government, laws, or even education doesn't seem able to accomplish.

 Separation of church and state? Boy, do we ever have it.

Do we EVER!


At 8:34 PM, January 06, 2013, Anonymous Lee said...

I like your phrase, "having marched into the mire of immorality." That is indeed part of the problem. There is such a lack of understanding of the value of human life, and such a high level of reinforcement of the selfish nature that so many people think the best way of dealing with their personal problems is to blame someone else, and then shoot them. The dilemma that creates is a dangerous mix when high powered weapons are so readily available, and those with the will to use them have little to no respect for the law that would otherwise forbid them to own a gun.

The problem is beyond government's ability to resolve, unless there is a willingness to enforce the laws that already exist. The solutions have been proposed by responsible gun owners for quite some time. But they are hard to hear in the cacophony of voices either hollering for more laws, or those who are yelling that things like this shouldn't be used as pretexts to take away guns. More laws won't work, and after searching and searching, I cannot find any legitimate proposal to take away guns.

The real problem is that the confessing American Christian Church is falling way behind in its primary task of winning lost people to Christ, and discipling them in genuine Christian faith. Our churches are getting bigger, because we are shuffling members from one to another, but the total number is getting smaller, and the crowd is getting older.


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