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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Yesterday Was A Great Day, Too.....

... but the day I'm thinking about was the day Peg and I liquidated a couple of investments we had, and paid off our house.

That one, up there.

Since our cars had been financed via a home equity line of credit, doing that effectively paid off our cars, too. We also paid off all credit card debt at the same time. We became debt-free, with some money in the bank to boot, right then.

We'd been married well over 40 years at the time, and had owed somebody a mortgage on a house for all those years. So there was a big tendency to want to breathe a big sigh of relief when we paid it all off. But I knew I'd better not do that.

See, I've been teaching for years that our only real security is in Jesus. It lies in the fact that we're all going to die one day, and every single tangible (physically speaking) thing we have on earth .. well .. we're going to leave it here when we go. As my preacher says, you never ever see a Brinks' truck in a funeral procession.


But I had this sneaking suspicion over in the corner of my mind, that when we paid everything off, I really would feel some sense of relief, to some degree or another. Well, I was wrong.

I didn't. It turns out that what I'd been teaching all those years really was right. And I guess the idea lurking in my mind that being out of debt would bring some sense of heightened security, was put there by someone I don't want messin' in my mind.

Cut that out, devil!

Which brings me to last night and the election. I'd resolved I was not going to pay any attention to the election after I'd voted, until this morning. Whoever was going to be elected was going to be elected, and my watching the excruciating countdown .. or maybe that's countup .. and hearing the talking heads spin the results to suit their preconceptions while I bite my nails .. wasn't going to change who the winner was going to be.

We watched the "How It's Made" marathon on the Science Channel. And played  Computer Games.

Now. About 10:15, when I got a bit sleepy, I decided to go to bed, and I do admit I snuck a peek at Fox News online. There, I saw "It's Obama!". And here's the shocker .. at least it was for me:

I felt a twinge of elation. 

Don't misunderstand me. I am as anti-Obama as I can be. The Democrat (NOT "DEMOCRATIC") platform specifically includes support for the murder of innocent unborn babies and I think that is the great American tragedy which America will one day regret with the bitterest possible tears. Same deal with "same sex marriage" which is really the endorsement of what God refers to as an  abomination to Him. BUT: that momentary sense of elation was, to me, God's way of saying that He was in control, that nothing going on here was a surprise to Him, and just as He was fully knowledgeable of Israel's shenanigans when they were so rebellious ... and had plans for their future ... so He is onto the USA, as well.

Take heart, Christians. We don't have to win. God already did.

If that's not good enough for us, then the election and, indeed, the nation, is the least of our worries.


At 11:10 PM, November 07, 2012, Blogger Julie said...

Me, too. I avoided the whole media thing until just before I went to bed. I saw the results, felt a little surprised with a twinge of disappointment, and then went to sleep. It's easier to rest when you already have a King that you can trust.

I also heard someone say that it may be in God's best interest for Obama to win. If Romney had won, Christians would be more likely to sit back and say, "Well, now everything will be OK." Well, everything is far from OK. Perhaps we need to get off our bohonkadonks and do something about it.


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