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Saturday, November 03, 2012

God's Great, So Was Lunch, and Murphy Was An Optimist

That's CB & Karen Scott over there on the right. We had lunch with them at the Hunan Gardens in Hoover, Thursday. CB had come back from Brewton-Parker College in Georgia, where he is Dean of Academic Support, to meet with The Alabama Baptist Children's Home, the Alabama DHR, and for a Court hearing concerning their adoption of the foster children they've been caring for, over the last 7 years.

The two older children weren't there .. TJ is in the Marines, and Stephan is in his first year of Pre-Pharmacy at Samford University.

The two young ladies in this picture are Ashley & Carrie, left to right, and are sort of the reason for the big smile on CB's face in the other picture. As we were sitting there, they received a call from the attorney, telling them the Judge had signed the interlocutory decree, officially awarding the children to the Scotts. It was indicated that, if the final decree had been printed up, it would've been signed, too, and the adoption would have been final right then. But, the person who typed those was not in the office and wouldn't be back for a day or two, so the final decree would be signed soonest and mailed to them.

CB & Karen first rescued these 4 children about 7 years ago, when they first arrived in Birmingham, out of an indescribably bad home situation. It concerned the family of members of the church CB pastored, and having had experience as foster parents, CB & Karen couldn't not do anything about it, and arranged foster parent status through the Alabama Baptist Children's Home, who then made the arrangements with Alabama DHR.

I won't go into the details here, but note that the Children's Home and the DHR had to be involved in the whole thing, and then there was the fact that CB became Dean of Academic Support at a college in Georgia 10/1 (which is, of course, not in Alabama ... hellooooo ... ), and in all this there were numerous meetings and calls and emails with lots of different people with different memories and I think you can understand how many opportunities would arise for Murphy's Law to kick in. But CB had carefully planned everything, including his assumption of the new duties at Brewton-Parker, to allow plenty of time to to get everything done in an orderly manner.

Murphy's Law was much more optimistic than anyone thought.

I may have my head in the sand or something, but I don't think I know THAT many people who really pour themselves into something like this .. who really jeopardize themselves .. who pay the price, so to speak .. in such an effort. I don't think I ever have, personally, myself. But this much I do know: CB and Karen have. I know. I've seen it in his shoulders, on his face and his eyes. I've heard it in his voice and his words. He and Karen .. who has become a real sister to Peg, by the way ... they've been willing, and they have.

Did I mention Karen's wheelchair? Owing to MS?


But God is great. It has come right. And I think the kids will be a source of youth for CB & Karen, which may, in the long run, erase some of the toll Mr. Murphy and his law have taken over the past few years. Besides, CB & Karen are as much "pick up & carry on" people as I've ever known.

There are so many other things that happened, weaving this all together, that there's no doubt God was paying attention in all the details. Trust me .. it'd take another long blog post to describe it all.....

Oh yes ... if you want to know just how out-of-the-ordinary this whole thing has been, just 24 hours before the picture was snapped, CB was in New Orleans, defending his Doctoral Dissertation at NOBTS. Successfully, I might add. 

On Halloween......



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