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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

GO AHEAD .... Make (somebody's) Day!

That's Jeff Potter over there, in the picture. Peg & I bought his dinner tonight.

A word of explanation is in order.

Maybe a month ago, she & I were having lunch at a local BBQ place in Pelham, when a friend walked in. He's a young man (at our age, most other guys are...) and sat down with us. He was a friend of your younger son's, in High School, was an insurance client of mine when I was still working .. he owns a towing company .. and he has towed one or another of my cars to my house more times than I can count, over the years.

When he sat down, the waitress walked up to ask for his order, and laid our check on the table. He promptly scooped it up and refused to give it to me.

He bought our lunch.

Well, the guy in the picture works at Home Depot, and he's been singularly helpful to me on many occasions when I've been there looking for some obscure whatchamacallit or other. He rides around on a motorized cart like they have for customers with disabilities .. but a lot faster .. and I used one of theirs in the store, too, until I had my knee replaced. We often joked about drag racing them, etc.

This evening, Peg and I had gone to Costco to drop off one of my hearing aids, which needed fixin', and stopped at Walgreen's on the way back. As we were leaving there, I was pulling out through the IHOP parking lot to take a shortcut out the back way, and asked Peg if she'd like to stop there & get something to eat, even though it was only 4:30. She liked the idea, so we did.

We went in, sat down, ordered, and then I noticed Jeff sitting across a divider in the other half of the dining area, by himself, finishing his meal. After our waitress served us, I told Peg that I thought the Lord wanted me to buy Jeff's dinner, and she said "Well, go ahead..".

I told the waitress to add his bill to ours and then noticed he was taking his wallet out .. at which point she walked over to him and (apparently) explained what I'd said, as he simply put a tip on the table and put his wallet away. When she walked away he said "You didn't have to do that", to which I simply said "I know!"

He answered back "Today's my birthday".


I went over and sat down and chatted with him for a bit, until my food came. I told him about my friend buying our lunch at Golden Rule, and thought God wanted me to do the same. I asked him about church and faith and he said he attended Kingwood Assembly when he could. I told him I wanted him to be sure his relationship with Jesus was straight, since we were both going to die some day and I wanted to see him in heaven, too.

The waitress was blown away by all this. She goes to Helena Methodist Church, where we've had many friends attend, too. She couldn't get over the fact that we'd simply bought dinner for a guy that we'd met while he was at work at Home Depot.

It cost us a bit under ten bucks. I haven't made very many $10 investments that brought me that much joy. But when I think of what ran through .. and may still be running through .. Jeff's mind, and the server's mind, I really have to do a couple more Spiritual cartwheels.

p.s.: We went from IHOP to church. In my small group Bible study .. currently in Matthew .. we read  "For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done." (16:27, NIV). WOW. I asked the class what their first thought would be if they got to heaven and found that was really, absolutely, concretely true. Their answer: "I wish I'd done more". 



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