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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Different When You Know Them.

Occasionally, we get to know a missionary. We got to know some M's 40+ years ago, when we moved pracically next door to Oriental Missionary Society in Gteenwood, IN (now One Mission Society), and went on a couple crusades to Haiti with them. We stayed, there, in Missionary homes, in fact. Then, many years later, via involvement in SBC matters, I've gotten to know a few current and past IMB M's, not the least of which are neighbors Monte & Janet Erwin, who are now good friends. But the folks I'm talking about today are quite the opposite. The cast of characters: Paula Kornegay, first up on the video, is our worship leader. She's terrific; I firmly believe she should be ordained as our Minister of Music/Worship/Something-or-other. She's a terrific Spiritual Heavyweight. You'll also see Barry, her husband, who's a Deacon at FBC, SS and Discipleship Teacher and is an Ordained Minister as well. Liv Meany is their daughter, and they've all been missionaries in Africa, and Liv and her husband Brian are launching their own minstry .. Anza Imani .. themselves (with the help of all the other folks seen, unseen, and named in the video). Tara's familar in the church, Brian's sister Lauren has been in my Discipleship classes on & off for years, and all in all, these are people I've rubbed elbows with on & off for years. This isn't a bunch of folks we've all just read about someplace, or seen interviewed. They're real flesh & blood good people, like you go to church with, too. They've just decided God meant what He said, and are going to take Him up on it.

Check out their excellent 5-minute video, here.

Who knows .. you may be part of the deal.

Incidentally, Bright Bulb Entertainment is part of the organization for which our granddaughter Meredith works .. since she and Liv are best of friends, I suspect she had something to do with this.


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