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Thursday, February 02, 2012

He Already Took Up Arms...

I'd been working on a couple of posts about different topics, but hadn't been able to complete them over the past week or so. Today I figured out why.

Nothing out-of-the ordinary .. I just went back to Dr. Sorrell's office to get the second in a series of three injections in my right knee. My son Brian and I saw the Doctor a week ago and everyone's advice was to try the injections .. they worked early last year .. and see how the knee did, after. If the knee continues as it has been, then we'll probably have Dr. Sorrell replace it. He's the one who replaced my left knee in April of 2006, and it's been fine.

But surgical skills are neither the reason for the post, nor the reason I respect him as I do. That reason is reflected in the picture, of him and his family, up there on the right.

I knew he was a believer before I went to him years ago, although the reason I went was that his skill set made him the best around to replace my knee, according to friends in the medical field. But I never really expected to see the overt evidences of his faith in every room I've ever seen him in!

He has this incredible set of pictures of his kids, he and his wife, or all five of them, in every treatment room! And every one is representative of, and accompanied by, scripture verses.

There were six photos in the room where I met him this morning. So I snapped a picture of the one to my left .. arthritis in my neck makes it painful to look to the right. When he came in, the thought that struck me was my last post was about taking up arms (passive or active), I hadn't been able to replace that post yet, and here Dr. Sorrell did it years ago.

Note that, even though I call this a "passive" witness, there was a lot of work that went into them. The pictures seem professionally done, and the framing and the inclusion of the scriptures, is superb. He's obviously gone out of his way and spent a fair amount of money to get all those pictures done.

I mentioned to him, when he was done, that I was going to put the picture here, as a real-world evidence of an idea I expressed last time. That sparked a discussion about the pictures, and the wide variety of ethnicities and faith groups he treats in his practice. And what some of their reactions were (none of them hostile or mean, by the way). But he doesn't use them as a club to prompt "witnessing" to anybody.

In my mind, that's what makes them so powerful.

The Holy Ghost has the club, you know. Dr. Sorrell, on the other hand, has the medicine and the bandages. Just like you do.

Dr. Sorrell lets them know. We should, too.

Well done, Doc.


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