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Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Couldn't Be Happier....

...and she couldn't be prettier.

Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Kami Smith. Earlier today, our grandson Matthew asked Kami to marry him.

She said yes.

They've been seeing each other for about 2 years, and both she and Matthew are faithful members of SBC Pelham. Kami also teaches 4th Grade Girls' Sunday School, and she works full time in a Day Care Center. She's also come to lunch here after church on many, many Sundays .. that's a family tradition with us.

If I have any sensitivity about people at all, she's just as real and genuine as she looks in the picture, and she and Matthew will make a terrific young couple.

And, on another front, we have yet another reason to rejoice. The engagement ring she's wearing was my Mother's. Peg and I are really fond of Kami .. I guess it's OK to say we love her, now .. and will really look forward to having her formally a part of the Cleveland family.

Even though we're a pretty informal bunch.

Congratulations, Matthew. Congratulations, Kami. We're proud of both of you.

(Even if it does give rise to the possibility that, one of these days, Peg will be married to a GREAT-GRANDFATHER.)


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