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Friday, October 07, 2011

Restaurants Aren't Just About Food


Why wouldn't we, (part zweihunderd)?

At least, it wasn't just about food today. I'd mentioned a couple days ago I was hungry for fish, and as Bonefish Grille is one of Peg's favorites, that's where we found ourselves at lunchtime today.

The hostess mentioned who our server was to be, shortly followed by a young lady who approached us, mentioned the server's name, but said she could take our drink orders. So we gave them, and when she brought the tea & water, I asked what her name was. She told me it was Ambree, and after asking her to spell it for me .. it's a bit unusual, in case you hadn't noticed .. I said we were going to be blessing our food, and was there anything we could pray for, on her behalf?

Her mouth dropped open and she said something like "no WAY!!", and then explained that her pastor had told her, in church, that people were apt to ask her that, now that she worked in a restaurant. She told him "Nobody's EVER done that!" .. and she'd been there a bit over 2 months.

Well, somebody has, now. And, by another stroke of luck (...), someone apparently noticed and she was assigned then as our server.

We had a delightful hour of food (courtesy of Bonefish Grille) and conversation (courtesy of Ambree). We found out she's studying dental hygiene now, with an eye toward eventually becoming a dentist. She also mentioned she's only 19, and that Bonefish Grille does not normally hire 19-year-old servers, but they made an obvious exception for her. She said she was one of five applicants for the job, they only hired two, and she'd really prayed that she'd get the job.

Does the term "God-appointed time" seem obvious here?

It was a great lunch and a great time of fellowship with a young Baptist girl .. she goes to Reno Baptist Church in McCalla, AL. And I just noticed their pastor is Roasco Kornegay; hmm ... wonder if he's related to Barry Kornegay, our FBC Deacon Chairman.

This talking about God and Jesus and prayer and church just keeps getting better and better!

So, if you're not doing something like this, I'll ask it again:


But it wasn't just about having a good time, either. The last thing she said as she was walking away with my completed & signed ticket was to thank us and say "You sure turned around my day!"

Wish I'd had the presence of mind to tell her it wasn't me .. it was the One Who sent us there. The same One Who sends you....


At 6:39 AM, October 28, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I realize I am commenting on an old post. Perhaps you will read it.
Last year, during our state convention, I was sitting with six other pastors/denominational leaders. The denominational leader in charge of evangelism was called on to pray. He too asked the waitress if there was anything she would like for us to pray about. In tears she said "Yes, my car had a flat tire on the way to work this morning.I had to leave it on the roadside and walk the last mile to work. I need new tires but I have no way to purchase them." Her request was included in the prayer. Now here is the sad part. Since, our meal had been prepaid by the Convention, at the end of the meal everyone got up and scurried of to their meetings. Not a single person was thoughtful enough to leave a tip. I felt so sad for the waitress and so embarassed by my brethren that I left a tip sufficient for the whole table.

Moral of the story, Don't offer to pray for the waitress if you plan to stiff her on the tip.

That is just one of many stories I could tell. All three of my daughters worked their way through college as waitresses. Most waitresses cringe when they see a table of Baptist preachers.

At 8:31 AM, October 28, 2011, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...

I'm with you, brother. I have tipped 15% for years .. I used to travel extensively and ate out a lot. We do about 25% when I pray for the server, now. Best money I could spend.


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