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Monday, October 03, 2011

Meet Megan

That's what we did, shortly before noon today.

We had to go out to our favorite home improvement (**cough cough homedepot cougncough**) store just before noon, and Peg suggested we stop at the Golden Rule BBQ here in Pelham. We hadn't been there in a while, so we did.

The young lady in the picture is Megan .. and I acknowledge I may be spelling that wrong, as we're not "with it" on all the current spellings .. who was our server. And she did an excellent job. She also stood in front of .. in the picture at least .. a sign for Joe's Italian Restaurant, our favorite Italian place, at least this side of Italy. Where we've never been anyway.

When she brought the food, I asked her for her name, and she told me. I then said we were going to bless the food and was there anything we could pray about, for her? She brightened up and said yes, she was starting Nursing School tomorrow. So we had a little prayer time, her standing right there, and asked God to bless her becoming a nurse, and some other stuff like that.

We chatted on an off for the rest of the meal, and found out she's got two little children, and goes to church at the Lutheran Church in Riverchase. Well, small world time .. that's the church that we'd arranged to meet in, 25 years ago, when we started the Riverchase Baptist Mission. Nobody came that day, so we re-grouped, started a Sunday School class in our church, for folks in Riverchase, and when the group got big enough, they rented some space in Riverchase .. a planned community .. itself, and off they went.

We had a great time chatting with Megan, and it kept putting that idea back in my head that's been rattling around ever since Dennis Nunn was here. Why wouldn't somebody want to just talk to folks like that?

I didn't, for too long. Thank God that time's over, now.

Seriously. Thank God.


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