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Thursday, September 29, 2011

God, a Bus Driver, and Five Pictures

Anybody who's been looking at my blog in the past year, or anyone who's a Facebook friend, or anybody who lives within shouting distance knows we went on what we called our "Great Alaska & Pacific Northwest Adventure" in June & July of last year. I blogged about that, put photos in an album on FB, and even blogged about Jay Gunsolley, our bus driver/tour guide on the Pacific NW portion of our trip. I even went so far as to put all 4,757 photos into one folder on my computer, so the Screen Saver could just randomly roll through the whole trip; I watch it whenever what's on the TV 3' to my right doesn't hold my attention. But then, something about the photos, and Jay, caught my attention. Let's chase this rabbit for a minute.....

In the first photo, below, we'd just gotten on the bus at the pier in Seattle, after getting off the cruise ship. That's Jay, in front, telling us who he was, what he'd be doing, and where we'd be going. Very interesting, plain spoken, the kind of good communicator that, if you like anybody at all, you immediately like. Whenever we looked in His direction, there he was, doing his job. And he'd been given plenty of information about the route on which he was taking us .. not his usual tour .. and he played a big part in the enjoyment of the trip.

Now, in the next photo, he's doing his job, and he's in plain sight there .. we usually sat in the front row, and he drove along, explaining .. much of the time .. what we were seeing. Whenever we looked at anything in his direction, there he was. And I might add, a most competent driver and worthy of our trust.

In the next couple photos, he's still doing his job. And we can still see him there, although not directly. Even when we couldn't see him directly, we could see his reflection. Sometimes, in the mirror, clearly, and sometimes, reflected off the windshield. Fainter, not as clear, but nonetheless we could see him there, doing his job.

Now, in the last picture, we can't see him at all. In this picture, we're crossing a bridge over a stream in Yellowstone, complete with waterfall, and we're still aware of Jay's presence.

What struck me in these photos, in particular, was that Jay was ever-present, at work, taking care of us, even though the visibility of his presence varied by the circumstances, and also by where we were looking, and whether we were looking for him. And, in the last photo, even though we couldn't see him, we knew he was there.

Why? Because we were there! Had he not been present, we wouldn't have been there at all!

That reminds me of God, in all His Persons. Sometimes openly giving us instructions, sometimes in plain sight, sometimes visible as we are looking at something else. And sometimes not visible at all, even though we know He's here.


Because we're here, that's why.


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