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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doing What We Can

The picture over there was taken June 26th last year, while Peg and I were on the Alaska Cruise. It shows me with Art Metrano, who is a long-time comedian and actor.

If you saw any of the Police Academy films, Art played Lieutenant Mauser. I'd gone to the gym on the ship the second day, to work out a little, and saw him there in a wheelchair, being pushed by an attendant nurse. Our eyes met so I walked over and said "You look familiar"; he said "That's because I am!".

He then told me who he was and a bit of his background, TV appearances, etc. Being the natural social-climbing name-dropping sort that I am, I asked the attendant to take my picture with him. So she did.

On the last night of the cruise, Peg and I had opted to have high tea at the Princess Hotel in Victoria, B.C. We saw Art there again, and I got another picture of him. He seemed like a really nice guy.

Unfortunately, in 1989, he fell off a ladder in his home, injured his spinal cord, and has been in a wheelchair ever since.

I recently read that he's started touring with a new one-man comedy show. He's titled it "Jews Don't Belong On Ladders .. An Accidental Comedy". From what I've read, he's raised substantial dollars for Project Support For Spinal Cord Injuries via his show.

I have to say that, in this time of such abundant publicity for drug-saturated and self-serving "stars", it was really refreshing to meet Art. Whereas he could be holding a pity party in his wheelchair, he's out doing what he can do, and seemingly having a good time doing it.

Not to mention making a difference in the lives of folks .. now or someday .. with spinal cord injuries.

I hope to see him again, some day.

So .. how about us? Are we determined to do what we can? Particularly in the Kingdom work? Do we look at others and think we can't do what they do, so we don't try anything? That thought is, in fact, the subject matter of Ken Hemphill's new Study Course, "You Are Gifted". God has assembled the body of Christ with the folks He wants in it, and with all the analogies to the body and the importance of the various parts to the operation of the whole body, you'd think it's obvious that everyone would want to be involved. But, sadly, they're not.

I have no idea the reason. Maybe it's "easy believism" and the resultant plethora of "believers" dressed in the wrong clothes, so to speak. Maybe it hasn't been made plain from pulpits. Perhaps the message (which I believe originated with Paul Washer) that "Christianity promises 2 things ... Eternal life and a cross to die on." hasn't reached the folks.

I don't know. But I know this: when we do what we can, God intervenes and blesses.

As lousy an example of a "committed Christian" as I am, let me share one little vignette that happened to Peg and me as we had lunch today. The gent on the right is Melvin, who works at Louie's Fine Foods, a cafeteria here in Pelham, where we went for lunch today. Melvin is the guy who takes your tray, takes it to your table, unloads it, arranges things, makes sure you have silverware & napkins, and keeps your glasses full.

I tried to get a better picture of him, but he doesn't stand still enough to do that.

After he unloaded our stuff, we asked if we could include any prayer requests for him when we asked the blessing. He brightened up bigtime .. and he's always really cheerful .. and asked that we pray the God would continue to bless him. He remarked that sometimes we get so busy with trying to get more things that we don't give thanks for the blessings God has already given us.

He then mentioned that he had been told by the doctor that he had congestive heart failure, but he wasn't going to let that stop him from being blessed by God.

It's such a little thing to do .. takes two or three seconds .. asking if you can pray for someone. But, today, it brought us huge blessings.

It'd be easy to feel really good about that, but when I think about all the things I didn't do today, I find I don't have much to be proud of.

All of which speaks to me of a God who loves us so much, and in such a manner, that He is ready to bless our socks off when we just do something we can do in advancing the Kingdom.

Is it just me, or does that seem to be a closely-held secret?


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