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Thursday, September 08, 2011

The 3-In-One, Some People, And The Shack

That thing-a-ma-jig over there is a Bissell 3-in-1 vacuum. It's actually sort of a dustbuster with an added handle you can affix on the top, and an attachment at the bottom that makes it into sort of a junior grade floor vacuum sweeper. And there's a crevice tool you can put in the same place as that attachment, which you can then use to suck up junk from furniture, auto upholstery, etc.

I bought it not because I could actually do all those things, but because it was only $14 and it was in the tool department at WalMart. And, well, I guess I did want to use it, as the area around my computer desk does get kind of messy with little bits of paper, paper clips and staples (still haven't figured out why that is, by the way...). Peg kind of wondered why I bought it, but I think she figured it out when I actually cleaned up around where I'm sitting right now, the same day I got it.

So .. why on earth am I blogging about this today? Actually, a couple of things.

One, the minor point, is the name. 3-in-1. And that reminded me of the Great Three in One.


But I noticed that after I'd decided to put up the post. The primary reason is what it's not.

It's not a vacuum cleaner, at least not in the normal sense. It's a little dustbuster sort of thing that I can keep by the desk, and take out to the car ... it's got a really long cord on it, by the way ... when I don't want to drag out the shop vac when the car gets about ankle deep in stuff like it does every few weeks (it seems). It'll do what I got it for, and that's good enough. In fact, it has already paid for itself, in my own mind.

And that brings me to The Shack ... Wm. Paul Young's controversial novel. It was written as a work of fiction, as a Christmas present for his children, when he couldn't afford to buy them anything. It is a work of fiction, should be viewed as such, and if there's anything spiritual that can be learned from it, then ... well, fine! But I've heard it excoriated by all manner of folks for inaccurate theology, despite the fact that it's not a theology book.

I wonder if those folks pitched similar hissies about Field of Dreams or It's a Wonderful Life..

I learned quite a bit from reading The Shack; unfortunately most of it was about other people. And it wasn't good, like the ideas about God that the book stirred in my soul.

One of my mentors, a long long time ago, gave me a particularly sage piece of advice. He said "Don't let what someone is not interfere with what they are. With what God may have, in them, for me! And the same thought applies to books and the like, as well.

And to vacuum cleaners, too, despite what some theologians may say.


At 8:15 PM, September 11, 2011, Anonymous M.A.S. said...

Bro. Cleveland, I always get such a blessing from reading your blog! I try to make it a part of my worship time every Sunday. May God continue to bless and use you.


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