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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Got Yer "Mysterious Ways" Right Here, Pal

That's our Granddaughter, Meredith, in the picture over there. She's currently studying the last few courses which will complete her Master's Degree, already having earned her Bachelor's in Theology at Southeastern Bible College here.

Last school year, she was the After-School Director plus Drama Director for Evangel Christian School in Alabaster, and enjoyed the job. But that job did not materialize for this school year, so she's been sending out resumes, "looking for a job". God seems to have had other plans.

Mer (sounds like "mare") has desired a career in ministry, for many years now. In fact, the picture is her and a kid from Kenya, and was taken when she was there on a mission trip. But nothing was materializing, and there didn't even seem to be anything much on the horizon.

Then, about two weeks ago, a young man who has been in our church for several years, and was part of the "youth group" of which Mer was also a part, was killed in a tragic accident in Homewood. Most folks in the Birmingham area, in fact, heard the news reports of the young man working for the Homewood Parks & Recreation Board, who was killed when a Lawn Mower turned over, fell off a retaining wall, and fatally injured him. He was known as "Edge" in the group, and Peg & I were friend of his parents, as well. As Mer had been a friend of Edge's, she went to the funeral at FBC.

Another young lady, about Mer's age, who'd been in the group and a friend of Edge's, also came to the funeral, from her home in Tennessee. Her name is Amanda Grantham Sekulow.

Yes, that Sekulow. Her father-in-law is head of the American Center for Law and Justice .. the ACLJ .. and is involved in several other ministries also. And, she and Mer had talked since their youth days, about being in the ministry.

Mer and Amanda got to talking at the funeral: Mer said she needed a job, and Amanda said they were looking for an employee. One thing led to another, resulting in her driving to Franklin, TN, to interview for a job.

Mer made the trip last Thursday, interviewed, stayed with the Sekulows that night, and came back home the next day. The deal was made, Mer spent some time looking for an apartment, and she'll be moving there right after Labor Day.

So, folks, let me introduce you to Meredith Cleveland, VP/Director of Special Projects, working in G.L.A.M. .. Godly Leadership in Arts & Media, and also with the "Silver Screen Church" ministry there. Just today, she blogged about it, here.

Meredith went looking for a job. What she found was the Hand of God.

I love it when that happens.


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