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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alpha and Omega, Family Style

The China Cabinet over there is a pretty special piece. When Peg first graduated from High School and got a job as a typist at Wabash Fire & Casualty Insurance Company in Indianapolis, she bought the cabinet for her Mother, for her Mom's birthday a couple months after starting work. Her Mom had a decent collection of china, brought to her by her brother from Japan when he was there in the military shortly after WWII. Her Mom didn't have a good place to keep it, so Peg bought the cabinet for her. The first thing she was able to do for her parents, after she got a job.

When her parents had both died, and it came time to break up the household and distribute the estate, Peg got the china cabinet. Plus a couple of other items, one of which was the old chest of drawers I refinished a bit over a year ago. I blogged about that, here. Plus a Morris Chair which I re-finished and rehabilitated as a Christmas present for Peg, a number of years ago.

The coat rack .. I think some refer to it as a "hall tree", is at the opposite end of the spectrum. It was made by Peg's Daddy .. her stepfather .. George. As he advanced in age, his eyesight grew quite dim, and he could do less and less around the house. But, even though legally blind, he could still manage to make a few simple things in his workshop/garage.

The coat rack is the last thing he made for us.

George's was a triumphant life .. a triumph over a lot of adversities. Toward the end, Peg's Mom fell victim to Alzheimer's disease, and it broke our hearts to see George and how faithful he was to take care of his wife. And he did that, and did it well, even though legally blind. In this day of easy marriage and divorce, and commitmentless cohabitation, George & Mary and their devotion to each other was an inspiration to anyone who took the time to notice.

Two treasures. Two gifts of love. Alpha and Omega .. the first thing Peg could do for them, and the last thing they could do for us.

Peg and I are wealthy beyond anything the world will ever be able to measure. And my mind cannot even begin to measure the vastness of the treasure we have in God's love, but He is doing a pretty good job of showing it.

If we'll take the time to notice.


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