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Saturday, July 09, 2011

My "Old Iron Bucket" and Other Throwaways

Despite the fact that I don't like covering up one post with another, particularly on the same day, I got hit by this one this afternoon and just had to write it. So, now, you have the option of not reading one or two posts from me today.

Your choice.

I think I was born with that special "Packrat Gene". I've been that way all my life, particularly since we've been married, when I got to have my own stuff. So I tend to accumulate things that Smart Guys usually throw away.

For instance, I spent an hour or so, this afternoon (plus an hour or so last evening) sorting nuts & bolts, washers, etc. See, whenever I work on a project like hanging up a curtain rod or putting in a new toilet paper holder, if there are any screws, bolts, nuts, washers, brackets, or other miscellany left over, I always keep it. Depending on the size and nature, the leftover junk went into the nuts & bolts box .. about 30# as of this morning .. or into the Old Iron Bucket pictured.

It also helped that Peg brought home the "starter kit" of nuts & bolts about 30 years ago when a small manufacturer she worked for closed down and they gave her the stuff (which was cheaper than their having it hauled away).

I cannot begin to count the times I've gone to the nut & bolt box, to get a fastener I needed. The only trouble I had with it was that, when you dump the nuts & bolts & washers into the thing, the nuts & washers all sink immediately to the bottom, so when I need a nut & bolt, I have to dump the whole thing out on the floor. All 30# worth (and I think they're multiplying in there too as it seems to be getting heavier). Then it's a real hassle to put back into the box, since their are drywall screws in there, too, and them things is SHARP. So I couldn't just grabs handfuls and throw them back in. Hence the sorting process yesterday and today.

Now as to the Old Iron Bucket .. actually a rope-handled laundry basket .. there's stuff in there that somebody would probably pay good money on EBay for. There's a top bolt/bracket thing for a bike carrier I bought in the early 1970's, to take our bikes to Florida to visit mom & dad. There's a hood latch support for a 1989 Chevrolet S10.

I saw a muffler hanger for a mid-60's Thunderbird in there today, and also a couple of rear leaf spring hangers for a 1978 Camaro I used as a parts car when I built my red roadster..

Several brackets and an anti-vibration damper from a Vega.

The top of an old jack-stand, onto which I'd welded a big caster wheel. I used to stick it on the jack for our boat trailer on the theory that it was easier shove the thing straight than it was to learn how to back it up straight.

You get the idea. Anything and everything I ever should have thrown away, as long as it was metal.

Again, with this treasure trove, I cannot begin to count the things I've done with stuff I should have thrown away. I've been playing with a welder for 30+ years, so when I need a bracket, a brace, or some other thingamajig, I just grab the Iron Bucket, crank up the metal chop saw and drag out the welder.

Guess maybe I really am into recycling, after all.

I wonder if God's like that. Recycling some things the world views as throwaways.

Perhaps a scoundrel who'd steal his brother's birthright and inheritance?

Or maybe a guy who had it all but wanted his neighbor's wife, too, got her pregnant, and than had her husband killed?

Possibly a fat kid from Illinois who never thought he'd amount to anything?

Or someone else who comes to mind right now? Like a young mother from Florida whose child died, mysteriously and senselessly?


At 6:53 PM, August 01, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jus getting around to reading "my" blogs - this one will go into my journal - the last paragraph just grabbed me.


Thanks you,
~Mad(elyn) in Alabama


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