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Monday, June 27, 2011


I just had a real flashback .. well, make that two flashbacks.

The second was to Penn Jillette's video, here.

But the first was to the visit I made some years ago, to my best friend from High School, Mickey Meese (that's his picture over there .. scanned from his own High School yearbook, which his widow sent to me after his death). His wife Ann had called me and said he was probably not going to last much longer (owing to liver failure and other things...); when I asked if she was saying that, if I wanted to see him again, I'd better get myself up there, she said, simply, "Yes".

I did, the next day.

Briefly, he was semi-comatose and drifted in and out of consciousness. But he did recognize me (his wife said that was somewhat unusual at the time, in his condition) and we chatted about a few things from the old days.

We'd graduated in 1956, from Broad Ripple High School, and kept in loose touch for 10 or 15 years thereafter.

I finally asked him if he knew how sick he was. He nodded. Then I told him that Jesus would take him to Heaven, if He'd ask Him to. He nodded again, and drifted off to sleep.

Some time later, when he woke again, I asked him if he remembered what I'd told him about Jesus. He nodded, and then I asked if he had, indeed, asked Jesus to take him to heaven. Mickey said, clearly, "yes".

It was the last word I ever heard him say. I told his wife about the conversation, and she said "That's why I asked you to come".

I went home a few hours later, and Mickey died shortly thereafter.

Now .. I may have related this story in a previous blog, but that matters not. What does matter is that God spoke to me about it this afternoon. He did that via a vision He put in my head ... one of bumping into Mickey in Heaven. In that brief vision, Mickey said that my speaking to him in that nursing home in Columbia, Missouri that day was the reason (speaking of earthly occurrences here ... you know what I mean) why he was in heaven.

WOW. The thought that something I did might have been used by God to lead the first best friend I ever had, to saving faith, simply took my breath away. And that thought brought me back to the video of Penn Jillette, linked above.

I've been espousing to my small group study on Wednesday nights, for about 4 years, and also to the Sunday School Class I taught from 2001 to 2009, that we ought to live openly as what we are .. Christians who are happy to be Christians. I don't think we need more programs, outlines, plans, leading questions, etc. What we need is to be what we are. And happy to tell anyone the reason for the hope that it in us. After all, who knows who you might bump into, in Heaven?

So, as concerns being open about our faith, and showing Jesus to the world, happily, I have to go back to Penn Jillette's video, and ask once again:



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