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Monday, May 09, 2011

Not Every "Widow's Mite".....

...comes from a widow.

For instance, this envelope contained one that didn't.

I mentioned previously, here, that Dr. Sheri Klouda was going to send me some money for the tornado disaster recovery here in Alabama. Her husband, Pinky, had set some dollars aside for just such a purpose, and God told him this effort was, indeed, the purpose. The envelope, copied above, contained the check, which she made out to me, and was noted to be for the disaster relief. We got it Saturday afternoon, and this morning, I endorsed it over to Westmont Baptist Church and delivered it to CB & Staff.

Note the postmark date. It's May 4th, 2011. That was the day before Pinky had his foot and lower leg amputated, owing to circulation problems. And that tells me that obedience to God may just hold a higher position in their lives, than their own current problems.

We're all going to run into a current problem that neither man nor money nor food can overcome, you know. I have to feel we'll be a whole lot better prepared for that one, if we start ordering our priorities while we're still able to, here.

All sorts of churches have joined the efforts here. Someone in the know remarked the other day that "Alabama's done more to help the recovery in one week, than the folks in New Orleans did in a year". And he mentioned that the churches were responsible for that. FBC Pelham, has contributed a lot to Westmont's effort, and we've also sent out work crews to help with the cleanup.

Westmont's better organized every time we go out there .. we were there Sat-Mon-Tues-Thurs of last week, and then again, today. Now, they've got food all sorted on tables, labeled for easy access, and have tables, around the perimeter of the fellowship hall, that have toiletries & shower necessities, diapers, and other non-food items that folks in the tornado areas would need. CB's obvious gift for administration (which we'd discussed many times over several years) has been working out there, now that the tyranny of the urgent, so to speak, has been overcome.

Here's a picture I took this morning. Some of the food has come in, in the form of canned goods and other packaged things like snack food, so they're all sorted and labeled so you can find them. There have been some folks stop by, from the hardest hit areas, who don't have any food and haven't been able to go back to work yet, so Westmont folks will fix them up with a sack of groceries.

Most, however, come to eat, and those needing groceries have been relatively few.

It's important to know that Westmont has about 150 folks there on a good Sunday. This isn't a mega-church, but they do have a mega-heart.

And they serve a Mega-God.


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