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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

FBC Pelham: Here's Who You're Feeding

It's a good thing to be part of a program that feeds folks, which is what FBC Pelham .. along with some other folks, some of its individual members, etc .. has been doing since Saturday afternoon. Check my prior blogpost here for details.

But it's another matter when you put details .. images .. facts .. with it. So take a look at the picture above .. it was taken by a Westmont Baptist member, of an area where some relatives lived. When Sara showed me that picture today, it stopped me cold. The area is McDonald Chapel, the area South of Westmont, which was devastated by last week's tornado.

Imagine coming home to your neighborhood, from, say, a vacation, and finding what you see above. Imagine the shock, the questions, the fears, the concerns you'd have. Well, every one of those used-to-be homes you see, up there, represents several folks who feel just like that, now.

But they know one thing. They know that they can have a hot meal once a day. A little bit of normalcy among the chaos. And that's courtesy of the folks at Westmont, at Katherwood .. a Baptist church in McDonald Chapel that was also devastated by the tornado .. and the good folks at FBC Pelham.

When they sit down at the table in Westmont's gymnasium, or when they open their to-go box to eat, they also find this:

That's the closest they come to evangelizing people. Their approach is to feed folks in Jesus' name, and build relationships with them. And I might point out that the biggest baptismal service I've ever attended was at Westmont, last year. Between one and two dozen people, as I recall, were baptized!

It also helps to bring it down to the personal level. Take a look at the following:

The occupant of that home is a 91-year old lady. One of Westmont's members told me that, when her sister finally found her in the house on Friday, they were rejoicing and celebrating for all their worth!

I wonder if I'd want to celebrate anything if that was my house.....

One thing I will most definitely celebrate, though, is seeing, and participating in, one local body of Christ reaching out to help another local body give out a cup of cold water in Jesus' name.

Or a hot meal.

Or 220+ hot meals, a day.

Incidentally, this Baptist Church is using Catholic & Methodist freezers to store the food, and is housing a Presbyterian team of disaster workers, headed by a guy from Texas.

Jesus has got a big Body....


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