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Saturday, April 02, 2011

SO ... What Have YOU Got To Lose?

Peg and I were having lunch at Ruby Tuesday's this afternoon, when I noticed one particular lady walking by. She was noticable for two reasons: for one, she walked with great difficulty, using a 4-wheeled walker .. the kind with big wheels and a basket in which you can carry stuff in the middle; for another, she had this unforgettable smile.

It was pretty much her default expression.

She was unlucky enough to sit between me and the Salad Bar, so when I went there, I stopped by her table. Now I am really a shy sort, which makes it a double thrill when I actually overcome my natural state and speak to someone, in public, that I don't know. Nonetheless, I stopped at her table .. she was alone at the time .. and told her the specific reason I stopped there was that, despite her obvious difficulty in walking, she had this wonderful smile on her face. She thanked me and I asked her the nature of her disability.

She told me it was MS. And her, with this wonderful and genuine smile. When I commented on that, she told me that she'd decided long ago that, if God wanted her to have it, then He must have His reasons. I showed her the Jesus pin I was wearing (it just occurred to me I should have given it to her .. guess I was just too captivated to think of that at the time), and that I sure understood that.

I went to the Salad Bar, then, and Peg and I had lunch. After the meal, she'd been joined by someone with a little girl in tow; I'm guessing it was a daughter and granddaughter. I told the younger lady that I was guessing they were related; she confirmed it. I then commented that the lady in the picture must be a Spiritual person, and the daughter said "Oh, she's a Spiritual person, all right!".

The lady in the picture showed me something in (A) a wonderful smile, and (B) saying that if God wanted her to have MS, it was OK with her.

She seems to have bought lunch, as I saw her signing the charge slip, and that got me to thinking a lot of things. Among other things:

  • First, joy in the midst of adversity, when it would be easy to be otherwise..
  • Second, a willingness to accept God's will, even when the results cause us pain, discomfort, and/or difficulty.
  • Third, a refusal to let a handicap interfere with life.

I asked if I could put her picture here, and I told her why; she said sure, that was fine. And for that, I thanked her, and then took this picture with my Camera-Phone. But, then, I got to thinking two additional thoughts.

For one, I see so many instances of believers who don't always act like it. And I see Sunday School Lessons on how to live a Christian life in a non-believing world, as if it's soooo hard to be a believer. So, I wonder, what have we got to lose if we live our faith every day, without compromise? If every blog post, every discussion where we don't see eye-to-eye with someone else, were conducted along the same friendly lines as when we agree? If we had the same sacrificial attitude about things, and particularly toward our families, as Jesus showed?

What are we afraid of?

Second thought: we're all going to die one day. We're going to leave some earthly treasures behind, and also some earthly woes. For the lady in the picture, she's going to leave MS behind. And I hope that thought is of some encouragement to her, as she battles that illness, and the difficulties that it brings, here on earth. But the good we do will go on ahead of us, and I hope that is of more lasting eternal consequence than all the bad things I leave behind.

I get the feeling that's how it'll be, with Smiling Lady.


At 11:50 AM, April 03, 2011, Blogger Christiane said...

She 'radiates' her faith in that picture, Bob.

Thanks for noticing her, and telling her story for us, in a way that is filled with light and understanding.


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